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Bela Lugosi’s Toenails!

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I am going to steal an idea from SurlyGirl here. Have you ever noticed on your feeds how people have come to your blog through arcane google searches?

Think about the penguins. Those penguins gave me more readers than I could have dreamed of. Surly Girl’s experience was about Sarah Beeny’s tits……Therefore I am going to make the rest of this post up with arcane statements and see how many more bizarre readers I get through mentioning them…….

Let’s see….

Ditta von Teese’s bellybutton maybe. That might be a good one. Or maybe with the penguin theme…..Penguin kinky sex.

What about Pagan Penguin Perversion probably get three hits for the price of one on that one.

Dragons seem to get lots of hits on mine too. Lets use Dragon Penguin Morecambe Hussy. From the last couple of days we could have Victorian Cauldron Gestapo Frida Kahlo. Or Pentacle Penguin Happy Fairy. Or Gothic London Penguin Post. Maybe Marie Lloyd Mabon Billy Bragg.

Frequent ones are Gothic, Fairy, Penguin, Pagan…..but some of them it is honestly unfathomable how they get to me. Maybe this could rival googlewhacking- with the person who gets the most hits from the most bizarre things winning?


“Plath makes strange what should be familiar — which is, after all, a central task of poetry.”

Posted in blogging, creative / writing, me and my world, Sylvia Plath on April 18, 2007 by Khlari

“Plath makes strange what should be familiar — which is, after all, a central task of poetry.”

I liked this post by Fussy, a blogroll pal of Ye-Yo‘s you can read the original post , New Motto, here. It explored the idea of exactly why Sylvia Plath is the “only really successful mommypoet”. Plus it just gives me another excuse to talk some more about Sylvia Plath……….

I like this idea of making the ordinary into something strange, magical, and mystical, and I believe in a way that this is the function of any artist, whether verbal, visual, musical…….I like to take the banale, the mundane, the everyday and make it into something different and special. It also gives us sad old mommypoets/novelists guilty about never managing to finish anything a little inspiration and ideas.

Weaving an everyday magic…….transfiguring the tedious and spinning spells from the sameness……