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Talent Nights, Timewarps, The Catholic Church and Taramosalata…..#2

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So I woke up feeling like…urggggh. But determined to go and wish TNO a Happy Birthday, so it was off to AmethystDragon’s house, armed with M_______, Mr A, a host of books on suicidal home-brewing for TNO…gems such as ‘How to brew Psychotropic Ales’ and ‘Brew like a Monk’- TNO loves to make weird and wonderful brews, which led to many weird and wonderful discussions. Kitty and Skit were there, as was Silent, Unfortunately ended up feeling a lot worse, after only a can or two of Grolsch (I had foregone the interesting brews). Had to be a real party-pooper and go home at 9.30 or so which is most unlike me. Yuk yuk yuk. Retired to bed with lots more hydrocodeine, and still felt rubbish in the morning…….It’s not fair. Maybe I’d have been better off with the psychotropic ales.

Things could only get better….but then on Sunday morning I had to troop off to Mass. Yes, you are thinking right, I am a Pagan, not normally given to this sort of behaviour. Lui (Mr A’s nephew and M____’s classmate) was however making his First Communion, so everyone had to be on parade. So Berni, Giana, Mr A’s Mum (Nonna to everyone), and even Mr A after lots of prodding and poking managed to get themselves there on time.

I had my orders from M_____. No black. Have you any idea how difficult that is when 98.9% of your wardrobe is black? It took me over an hour to assemble a non-black outfit. M______ was singing in the choir. She had wanted to make First Communion (her choice, it is a Catholic school (they don’t have any Pagan ones)). But the Priest ruled if anyone missed any classes they couldn’t take Communion. So, because she goes to London in the holidays (as I don’t have enough leave), she wasn’t allowed to do it. Beecause even though it is a faith school, he insists on doing classes on a Saturday rather than having them in lunchtime, as used to happen when we were children. How mean did that make me feel? The only child in the class not to. She was really really upset. So much for Christian charity, to make an eight year-old feel so left out of everything. Pah, you wouldn’t see a Pagan doing that.

So….still feeling crap, back home for an 84-course dinner…….thanks to Nonna, and cake. And I still have a headache…….


Talent Nights, Timewarps, The Catholic Church and Taramosalata…..#1

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A mixed bag of a weekend. My darling daughter somehow convinced me to enter the school talent contest with her, singing – The Timewarp. Great, except it is a Catholic School, and some of the lyrics may well have been considered more than slightly morally dubious by the people who already give me dirty looks when I darken the school gates by my mere presence…….

So the pelvic thrust gave way to ‘the wiggle round’, and Columbia’s smutty verse was replaced by a squeaky-clean school themed one. I just hid the truth of Magenta’s under a thick Transylvanian accent.. The things I have to do. Then I had to spend the rest of the week improvising a Columbia costume for a very small person. (I’m kind of well-provided for Magenta, though I did cut the suspenders out, add a less revealing top and a longer skirt……). It was possibly the longest evening in history. By the time we came on, Berni, Giana and I were slowly losing the will to live (but they had to stay to vote!) We had various not very successful magicians and petrified small children meeping into the mike. We did come second, but M_____ most miffed as we had charitably voted for the person who beat us by one vote.

Saturday morning, went to commission the jewelery I am having made with the 40th Birthday money from my parents. By pure fluke the other week found a fantastic lady on Pedder Street who hand-makes silver jewellery, and allows you to choose and feel the stones, and design the setting, and to cap it all is a Pagan (we got chatting). Fell in love with a fantastic hat in black veiling with black roses but even I with my tenuous grasp of the neccessity or not of clothes couldn’t convince myself a hat at £185.00 was a neccessity……but it was gorgeous….

Saturday afternoon was feeling really icky again, but was determined to go round to AmethystDragon’s house as it was TNO’s birthday, so ended up even having an afternoon nap to try and achieve this, and taking even more medication. Woke up at 4.30pm feeling even worse…….aaagh!

Bela Lugosi’s Toenails!

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I am going to steal an idea from SurlyGirl here. Have you ever noticed on your feeds how people have come to your blog through arcane google searches?

Think about the penguins. Those penguins gave me more readers than I could have dreamed of. Surly Girl’s experience was about Sarah Beeny’s tits……Therefore I am going to make the rest of this post up with arcane statements and see how many more bizarre readers I get through mentioning them…….

Let’s see….

Ditta von Teese’s bellybutton maybe. That might be a good one. Or maybe with the penguin theme…..Penguin kinky sex.

What about Pagan Penguin Perversion probably get three hits for the price of one on that one.

Dragons seem to get lots of hits on mine too. Lets use Dragon Penguin Morecambe Hussy. From the last couple of days we could have Victorian Cauldron Gestapo Frida Kahlo. Or Pentacle Penguin Happy Fairy. Or Gothic London Penguin Post. Maybe Marie Lloyd Mabon Billy Bragg.

Frequent ones are Gothic, Fairy, Penguin, Pagan…..but some of them it is honestly unfathomable how they get to me. Maybe this could rival googlewhacking- with the person who gets the most hits from the most bizarre things winning?

Shades, Surreality, Shimmying and Springtime for Hitler……

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I had an interesting weekend……Went down to visit my beloved parents (and get moaned at, natch, along the ‘when are you going to get a proper job/house/life (replace as appropriate)). Managed to calm them down by reassuring them I now had a pension, which calmed them somewhat….and sent my father of on hours of tangents while I sat and drank his JD…

M_____ getting spoilt rotten as usual…..said goodbye to her on Friday afternoon, went over to see Matt and Kali, my brother and his girlfriend, and get my glad rags on for our Friday night out….. Much Insette Spikey, hair extensions, white make-up and many roses later I was ready for the off, PVC corseted to the point of breathlessness, New Rocks laced and ready to roll.. Off to Mart and Mia’s in a taxi which decided to go from Hackney to Crouch End via Vladivostok (it felt that way)…

Now, I haven’t seen my friends in London for 2 1/2 years… between losing jobs, moving, general poverty, and most shameful of all, the fact that HWCBN hated my friends, describing them as ‘drug-crazed maniacs’. I should have realised that the one who says this kind of stuff is the one with the big big problem.

I have missed them a lot. No, make that desparately. These friends are my urban family, my tribe of choice, the people who, when I came back to London from France got me back together and glued the pieces in painstakingly one by one…..Mia, Martha, Jack, Martin, Dominic….and many other smaller roles were involved as well. These were the people who cared about me, and I feel like I let them down. Shame mainly, facing up to the fact that you have been an idiot is hard to do. That and my tendency to hide in a corner when things go wrong, not share my misery with the world.

So I got a telling off, for disappearing off of the face of the earth for the last two years, for being too emabarrassed to get in touch, and for ignoring the fact that they had ALL warned me without fail that HWCBN was a complete ass the first time that they had met him, and that they hadn’t revised that opinion except for the worse….They were right. Mart, Jack and Matt now say that I have to bring Mr A down for an inspection visit…….just in case.

We all went off for a good old-fashioned Goth bop at Inferno, at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, where I bumped into some more people I know and answered the ‘where have you been’ questions again…and danced very very badly….

Then back to Mia’s to talk interesting rubbish late into the night, past sunrise and into the morning……remember I have to get on a train….they all tried to dissuade me, even suggesting I took a taxi home (which is when I KNEW they have no idea how far it is!!!) They all got worried thinking I was being FORCED to go home (thinking of HWCBN), til I told them I wanted to, as I MISSED Mr A……Organised Martha called me a cab though, and still in clubbing makeup and with New Rocks, armed with my trusty shades (and boy did I need them, aaaagh sunshine, I’m melting…….)off to Kings Cross, and on my train to Leeds…which I found eventually…..

Had to ask someone to move so I could wobble into my seat… dreaming of sleep by now, am getting too old for this…..a strangely dressed boy in khaki shorts and knee socks and a chavtastic white hoodie…..with a weird kind of bum-fluff moustache, he looks about 17. When I sit down, he is reading intently, nose deep in a book, which I thought was rather sweet. ‘My struggle’ I read over his shoulder, searching my addled brain for the chord that struck…It was when he began staring at me and the book alternately I realised what it was…Mein Kampf. Hid behind shades with MP3 playing very loud goth tracks until he got off, praying he didn’t try to talk……

Got to Leeds in good time for the connection to Morecambe. Just one problem, no train to connect to. Works on the line.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! have gone this way to avoid this. Gain an old lady on the way, also lost, also looking for Morecambe. She’s trusting me??? Addled brain struggling with concept of geography already and really glad I don’t live in a large country like the US or Russia or it would implode totally. Turns out old lady is from Transylvania….seems fitting somehow. We find out there is no train, and we have to go home via Hebden Bridge, Ougadougou and Preston……

Gain annoying baby chavettes at Halifax who seem fascinated by my boots, (resist urge to connect boots with their heads, patience wearing thin), still get no sleep. deliver Transylvanian, ring Mr A to come and save me at Lancaster, can take no more. Left Mia’s, 10.00 am. Arrive home, 17.10pm…journey time…7 hours and 10 minutes. Think I could have done it faster on a steam train. Or even walking. Or even hopping…..

A Portmanteau of blogging pleasures…..

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A la Mr SC, I’m just going to highlight a few things I’ve been reading lately….a few I’ve read before, and a few that I’ve been newly introduced to…..First up has to be Mr Spicy Cauldron himself, with his post about being banned in China! Wahay! I am…..

Firstly TrashCanDan’s blog, Musings of a Damaged Mind, which made surreal reading, and so much the better…a worthy blogroll addition….hell, there’s lots of musing going on round here, me, AD, Dan……and the bacon tattoo stole the show completely……

A purple-brained dragon, AmethystDragon has had me fantasising about Johnny Depp in work time, thinking what it must be like to have a purple brain and looking at my visual DNA, and is even leading Mr A astray with her homage to Hayseed Dixie I don’t feel like dancing (bluegrass style)

Through Mr Spicy Cauldron, I was also introduced to YeYo’s blog, Ye-Yo, Lillies of a Mother, and her spirited post ‘A Letter to Joe Q Public’ about the importance of legal aid both for clients and their legal representatives…something that obviously caught my imagination with recent events in my life….

Then there’s Hayes’s new blog QPLog Brainmatter…….Have seen Hayes around, but now can read him online regularly! I loved Bridge to Terabithia as a kid as well…..

I feel for Nathalitanis, who is having employment hassle in ‘Oh No, not again’ over at One Life among The Many- breathe deeply and try not to hit them (too often)!

Not forgetting Sue’s new blog, Pastyme with Good Companye, and it’s recent post on one of my heroes…Sylvia Plath

ChaoticKitty has been creating some beautiful visuals again over at Kitty’s Ramblings with her latest artwork…it’s stunning, go take a look on Busy weekend

That bad girl Beaut1ful has been leading me astray into the world of blogthings again, hence my own disgraceful showing in the purity score….

To finish, loved Howard’s post on The WebPen Blog about Randomnessocitiation: Pursuit Of The Obnoxious Mind– Started me thinking……Grease set in a Lancashire mill town perhaps?

And if you want the bag, it’s available from Elizium, my friends Martha and Mia’s goth online and offline wonderland!!!

A Peculiarity of Penguins

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What is the most popular post on my site? You might say pieces of creative writing, or the story of my recent legal tussles abroad…

The answer is penguins. A flip piece that I put up about the penguins and my sanity a while ago. ‘One by One the Penguins are stealing my Sanity’ Alas for literature and protest…Penguins.

Tantrums,Tortured Timewarps, Police and Peking Duck….the many misadventures of a single weekend.

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Well, I now firmly believe in hibernation. I really should have stayed in bed this weekend. In fact, I wish I was now.

Yet it started off so full of promise, and I had been looking forward to it for ages……. It was Mr SC’s Birthday, and a whole weekend of planned jollity was ahead of me…….

Friday, and off to see the Rocky Horror Show. My friend Sal was due to come from Stockport with her daughter and we were all going to dress up and be generally silly. First of all Sal rings, her daughter has been sick all night and it’s now suspected chickenpox. So I took Friday off for nothing…..then have to find someone else who wants the ticket……Silent agrees, so Mr A (who didn’t alas sport suspenders and stockings) and my Magenta’d becloaked self go off to AD’s to find a Willow and a Silent to take. Willow is corested and tutu’d, and after some fun moments getting into the car (it’s a 2 door…) AD assures us she is just behind with OH, D, and the Birthday Boy. We get to the theatre…and wait, and wait, and wait….. still no AD and Co. Small problem is that D has ordered the tickets….and he’s with AD. Willow has brainwave and abuses her card to get the tickets….end up having to leave them on the door. They arrive just at the start of the show.

Now, I have seen the Rocky Horror Show 28 times….. but never anywhere so ridiculously cramped. We were in the dress circle, and even MY knees touched the seat in front…and I’m a dwarf, remember. AD, Silent, Mr A and all the tall people had their knees around their ears…. Timewarping nigh-on impossible, which is the whole point….. and then no bar open and hiking 15 miles for a fag…..grrrrr.

Performance was impeccable though, David Bedella made a rather good Frank, and Russell Grant a surprisingly inventive narrator……

So after all that, we just had to go back to AD’s and get very drunk…it was only right! Crawled home at 5am….Mr A already in bed for hours as he had work in the morning……

Had to get up as Sal finally showed, so far so good, then pottered about with the kids. The table was booked for a chinese restaurant that night. I had booked it 3 weeks previously, asking to be upstairs as there were going to be 20-something of us including many kids…..and as it was a birthday, we were likely to be noisy…………