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One of those days…where I haven’t got a lot to say really!

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Hmmm has been a busy day really. Not been up to much really, apart from the obvious working, that is. Had a wander about at lunchtime, as Mr A was working miles away, and spent some birthday book tokens in Waterstones.

I got-

One Good Turn- Kate Atkinson

Her books seem to get better and better and she is one of my favourite authors so I am dying to read this one….

The Matchmaker of Perigord – Julia Stuart

Have never read anything by this person, but it looked really interesting…

My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time by Liz Jensen

This one sounds really mad- which I really what I liked about it-apparently a dark gothic fairy-tale….

Apart from that- have a day off tomorrow filled with exciting things such as an eye test, and picking up the jewellery I commissioned for my 40th. Then Saturday am off to sunny Stockport with M_____ and Mr A to see Sal, my old uni friend, and Ali her daughter, as her daughter wants a sleepover with M_____ for her birthday, which is next weekend, day of the big wedding.

So we are taking M_____ and Ali off to Manchester to see the Dr Who exhibition. Then Sal’s sister is babysitting in the evening, we are off out to catch up with old Stockport friends, and then then M____ and Ali are off to the cinema Sunday morning to see the new Harry Potter film….. so a busy weekend. Next weekend, even busier as it is Berni’s wedding…..


Bela Lugosi’s Toenails!

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I am going to steal an idea from SurlyGirl here. Have you ever noticed on your feeds how people have come to your blog through arcane google searches?

Think about the penguins. Those penguins gave me more readers than I could have dreamed of. Surly Girl’s experience was about Sarah Beeny’s tits……Therefore I am going to make the rest of this post up with arcane statements and see how many more bizarre readers I get through mentioning them…….

Let’s see….

Ditta von Teese’s bellybutton maybe. That might be a good one. Or maybe with the penguin theme…..Penguin kinky sex.

What about Pagan Penguin Perversion probably get three hits for the price of one on that one.

Dragons seem to get lots of hits on mine too. Lets use Dragon Penguin Morecambe Hussy. From the last couple of days we could have Victorian Cauldron Gestapo Frida Kahlo. Or Pentacle Penguin Happy Fairy. Or Gothic London Penguin Post. Maybe Marie Lloyd Mabon Billy Bragg.

Frequent ones are Gothic, Fairy, Penguin, Pagan…..but some of them it is honestly unfathomable how they get to me. Maybe this could rival googlewhacking- with the person who gets the most hits from the most bizarre things winning?

Write me Happy!!! (That’s Damn Scary)

Posted in blogging, creative / writing, France, gothic, london, me and my world, meme, morecambe, movies, music, pagan, work/life balance on May 24, 2007 by Khlari

Mr Spicy Cauldron has set me a meme challenge as I am apparently a miserable old goth-bat…..

“Now, I have a meme for you to start off. I’m calling it Write Me Happy. You have to write a post that ONLY contains references to the things in your life that make you happy, contented, fulfilled, etc etc. NO NEGATIVES. Tell the world some good stuff in your life. At least two decent paragraphs. No one-liners. No snappy sentence and that’s it. “

Alright, here goes with it……things that make me happy.


It’s basically my kind of religion. I was brought up being dictated to about what you should do and believe, how and when you must do it. Paganism has an inner liberty, an inbuilt freedom where everybody can find and follow their own path, and there is no empirical ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There are no ‘experts’ and everybody’s knowledge and experience are valued equally.

Paganism doesn’t throw guilt onto everyday activities such as sex, it is celebrated as part of the human experience. There is not a fixed morality, but a code of give out what you would like to receive back. There is also nothing like the special feeling you seem to get amongst a group of pagans, a certain shared intimacy, a warm glow, a creative buzz……..


I love my friends, I really do. They put up with me wittering and being a drama queen and part-time psycho-bitch . I like to share, and unfortunately that sometimes includes the v bad times as well as the good times. My friends have been my rock, they have saved my sanity when everyone else gave up.

When I think of my friends I have a nice warm feeling in my tummy, and mental pictures such as Mr SC drunkenly playing ‘I have never’ and rambling about ‘The Faraway Tree’ at 5am in the Morecambe (and all of us joining in….) or lying with my head on Matt and talking rubbish about Marc Almond with Mart Mia and Jack til the sun comes up. Punting drunk with Catherine in Cambridge on the day of our ‘O’ Level results, singing nursery rhymes in Transylvania to the bears with Peggy, drinking jasmine tea in La Defense with Cathy, Christophe and Linda….friends to me are important, and should be cherished. I think most of them know that I would do anything for them, and once my friend, always my friend.


I know that on the whole, I probably write an immense amount of pure drivel, which some misguided individuals occasionally choose to read. (You can get medication for it you know). Oh yes- am being fluffy, nearly forgot. There is nothing like the pure adrenaline buzz that you get when you put something down on the blank page and it begins to make a story, a narrative, a poem. It seems to suddenly form itself.

Writing take on a life of its own, it suddenly begins to live apart from its maker…there is an amazing feeling when something you have written is actually on the printed page before you…..and I love doing it- cathartic, mind-changing, deranged (often), a playground for thoughts and ideas…..


I love to paint, although it has almost been so long that I have probably forgotten how to hold a paintbrush by now. Painting was one of my first loves, and one of my eternal dilemnas has always been what I do about this…..I am unable to make a decision, I love to write and I love to paint, that’s how you end up on a stpid degree like Art History- because they won’t let you do one in Writing and Painting!

My writing is quite dark, so I guess that my painting shows the other side of my personality. In print I am all doom and gloom and gothic, but in paint I am light and bright and extreme… now you can see where all my happy thoughts have been hiding…had to stop when M____ was born after an experience involving M___ and a jar of neat turpentine….oil painting and babies don’t go! I paint LARGE and in oils, which is also kind of limiting, as that requires space! I’m just arty-person basically – I also love to do ceramics, sculpture, collage, screen-printing….all those non-money making skills!


You can never have too many books. This is true, never, ever, have too many books. I love books. I sometimes go and stand in second-hand bookshops and sniff. You can tell by this statement I am very very sad indeed. Books have been my constant companions in life. I have been able to read since I was about three, and it has always been my favourite thing to do.

I have discovered all sorts of things from reading, it makes me laugh, cry, find new worlds, explore other cultures…..Books are always there for you, however you feel and they can transform any mood in an instant.

Mr A and M_________

Yes I moan about them I know. Mr A has now been in my life for almost a year, since Dam and Woo’s wedding in fact. He has, completely, changed my life. He has made me feel so much better about myself and my life, he supports me in whatever I do, he gives advice not criticism, and above all, it is important to him whether I am happy or not. A year down the line, I still fancy him like a sad teenager, and am still finding out things about him. He makes me laugh, he shares in the good times and the often difficult ones, and he is full of surprises. He loves M_____ and she loves him back without prompting. I just love him very much.

M_____ is an amazing little girl. She has gone through so much in her short life, she has been to almost as many schools as she has had years on the planet, she has changed countries, towns, cultures……. She is fiendishly intelligent, frighteningly self-sufficeint, and wildly opinionated! She is bright and beautiful, with a naughty twinkle in her eye. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Without either of them in fact……

There Mr SC and not a fluffy bunny in sight!

I tag…………….

Kitty @Kitty’s Ramblings

TrashCanDan @Musings of a Damaged Mind

Amethyst Dragon @ Musings of a Purple Dragon

Beaut1ful @ My Place

Silent Fruitbat @ Silent’s World

From MeMe to YouYou

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AmethystDragon and Kitty have now taken up the challenge…or should that be set me the challenge of setting them five questions in the Meme started by Howard, passed on to TrashCanDan, and then to me…….

Link here for Kitty’s interview

The TrashCanDan/Khlari Interview

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Thanks to TrashCanDan for this one…..I saw the idea on his blog, and it goes as follows:

Howard did a twist on the meme. He asked his readers to indicate they wanted to be tagged and then he would send them five questions based on his research into that person’s blog: He sent some to TrashCanDan. TrashCanDan sent some to me.

Interview Questions
1. You have such a way with words. Have you ever considered writing a memoir?

On many occasions, but the question would be, where the hell do I start? I have compromised, and am writing a novel, which is largely autobiographical, and tells a small part of one of the possible stories. Baddies be warned, if you have annoyed me in the past 39 1/2 years, you are not likely to come off well in this literary (?) epic. (The rest of you, fear not…this is a scathing expose in some areas only…your secrets are safe with me!)

I guess that the eventual plan is to subdivide it all into manageable chunks/novels, with a part of the ongoing stories apiece. So a kind of memoir, but one where the names of the perpetrators are (very) thinly veiled! That might even be the title…Thinly Veiled.

2. If I were to make it to you corner of the world, would we hang out?

Of course we would. All online friends I have met up with, I have liked in person as I did online, and as I know you too are a goth, I know it’s going to work out somehow! Some people I know through both, I have known Mr SpicyCauldron for years, and now we have an online relationship as well as a real one.

Hanging out in Morecambe for goths is a bit limited lately….the 12 year old ones hang on the museum steps in Lancaster, but I guess we’d be a little too old for that. I think you should come and reinforce that ranks of the old bat corner at Hydra and Dark Side of the Lune, with me and AmethystDragon. A large part of the room may be 12, but we have a better record collection- and better corsets. And we can still dance their arses off.

Mine’s a JD and coke!

3. Is there as much Drama in your Goth Scene as there is in mine?

Drama! She says, flinging herself onto a crimson velvet chaise-longue in the manner of Sarah Bernhardt. Oh dear yes. My life and that of those around me lurches from drama to crisis to disaster and back again. For a little taster in the last year we have had total clothes slashorama, possible adoption trauma, quinsy, possible child re-abduction, redundancy, torrid affairs………that’s just in the beginning. Not only are our lives drama-filled, you can usually guarantee that there will be at least one if not more on any social occasion (see Mr SC’s birthday, for example).

I think that Goths are just natural drama-magnets. I don’t think that we mean to do it, it just comes to us. Naturally. Either we want our lives to be as dramatic as our looks, or other people do. Sometimes, admittedly we dream of a mug of Ovaltine and bedtime, or a normal life, but mostly we just revel in it.(Actually, forget the normal life).

4. Why did you start blogging?

I could really lie here and say that I was suddenly consumed with a desire to share my wordly wisdom and stunning writing talents with the world. Or I could tell the truth and say that it is all Mr Spicy Cauldron’s fault.

One day, we were sitting around in my living room in Dalston (in London), with several million glasses of wine, and D and Mr SC were telling me how they were intending to realise their dream of moving back north for Mr SC to do his M.A. (Mr SC and I met in Manchester as students)

I told him I was very jealous. I said I’d been thinking about writing again, and doing my M.A……and he challenged me to do it. His way of bullying me into writing enough for my course submission and application was to set me up a blog template, and harass me until I wrote it. It worked. I ended up moving up before D and Mr SC, so 2 years later, here I am 280 miles further north, and like Mr SC at the end of my M.A. So I owe him a big thank you really.

5. Where were you the day Kurt Cobain died?

At the moment I found out, sitting on the sofa in Sylvie Debroux’s marble-floored living room, in Fleron in Belgium, not far from Liege, watching Canal+ News. I was on a European Union teaching exchange at the Catholic Teaching College in Liege at the time. It was the end of an era in some ways, the death of Kennedy for the MTV generation. We both just sat in stunned silence for a minute. Then Sylvie put on ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ as loud as it would go. As did half the block.

Wanna play now? Here’s how:
Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
You update your blog with the answers to the questions.
You include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Rinse. Repeat.

Oh no! I get the peculiar hair ear muffs…..

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I stole this one totally from TrashCanDan

Your results:
You are Princess Leia

Princess Leia
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker
Qui-Gon Jinn
Han Solo
An Ewok
You are an excellent friend
and an unselfish person,
yet you like to spend a lot of
time on your hair and fashion.
You spend most of your time
with guys that are too cocky,
too hairy, or too related.

(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)

Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Quiz

A Portmanteau of blogging pleasures…..

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A la Mr SC, I’m just going to highlight a few things I’ve been reading lately….a few I’ve read before, and a few that I’ve been newly introduced to…..First up has to be Mr Spicy Cauldron himself, with his post about being banned in China! Wahay! I am…..

Firstly TrashCanDan’s blog, Musings of a Damaged Mind, which made surreal reading, and so much the better…a worthy blogroll addition….hell, there’s lots of musing going on round here, me, AD, Dan……and the bacon tattoo stole the show completely……

A purple-brained dragon, AmethystDragon has had me fantasising about Johnny Depp in work time, thinking what it must be like to have a purple brain and looking at my visual DNA, and is even leading Mr A astray with her homage to Hayseed Dixie I don’t feel like dancing (bluegrass style)

Through Mr Spicy Cauldron, I was also introduced to YeYo’s blog, Ye-Yo, Lillies of a Mother, and her spirited post ‘A Letter to Joe Q Public’ about the importance of legal aid both for clients and their legal representatives…something that obviously caught my imagination with recent events in my life….

Then there’s Hayes’s new blog QPLog Brainmatter…….Have seen Hayes around, but now can read him online regularly! I loved Bridge to Terabithia as a kid as well…..

I feel for Nathalitanis, who is having employment hassle in ‘Oh No, not again’ over at One Life among The Many- breathe deeply and try not to hit them (too often)!

Not forgetting Sue’s new blog, Pastyme with Good Companye, and it’s recent post on one of my heroes…Sylvia Plath

ChaoticKitty has been creating some beautiful visuals again over at Kitty’s Ramblings with her latest artwork…it’s stunning, go take a look on Busy weekend

That bad girl Beaut1ful has been leading me astray into the world of blogthings again, hence my own disgraceful showing in the purity score….

To finish, loved Howard’s post on The WebPen Blog about Randomnessocitiation: Pursuit Of The Obnoxious Mind– Started me thinking……Grease set in a Lancashire mill town perhaps?

And if you want the bag, it’s available from Elizium, my friends Martha and Mia’s goth online and offline wonderland!!!