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Got a job interview got a job interview…..FOR A PROPER JOB!!!!!!

Posted in blogging, creative / writing, employment, gothic, khlari, Lancaster, me and my world, morecambe, work/life balance on March 17, 2008 by Khlari

For a proper job that might treat me as someone with a little brain. I have a job interview at the University tomorrow afternoon. A proper, grown up, job interview for the kind of graduate job I have wanted since I graduated in about 1989. So I am bound to screw it up. A centre co-ordinator for a Centre for Gender and Womens Studies. It’s too good to be true. I might even like it…hell, they might even like me! Somewhere that actually treats my qualifications as an advantage and not a disadvantage……(do you think it’s all a big hoax????? is today April Fool’s Day???) I’m sleeping with my fingers, toes, and any other possible parts of my anatomy crossed……. I’ve only waited for twenty years for this and several thousand pointless applications for this to happen after all…there’s absolutely no chance that i’ll f**k it up………..


Had to share this with you…and break radio silence….

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Just found this out, and had to share this with you because it was so strange……

Khlari, my netname is due to a strangely named Uni friend of mine called Antigone Panayi (yes, you guessed it, she was Greek), a painter of icons and fascinated by language. One day she wrote my name out in Greek script, and it comes out as Khlari….. which became my nickname, with variants upon it, and my nom-de-plume when I was writing and standing for student election at the same time. I’ve always liked the sound of it. Years later, with the arrival of the net, it seemed perfect, short, sweet, and unusual, I share it with two or three people worldwide, and I two of them are definitely men! (One’s a baseball player, and one’s in a band on MySpace…). There’s also a role-player of indeterminate sex, and it appears to be some kind of Punjabi or Indian verb……

I just came across something quite cool today. Apparently in Cambodian Khmer, Khlari means ‘Strong’. I like that meaning, accidental, but ultimately, rather cool!

Return of the Errant Goth-Chick

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I’m back, I’m back!!!!well, I haven’t actually physically been anywhere as such, just out of the loop, so to speak. the dreaded novel is in, although I managed to again be so ill that it was hard to finish what I needed to do when I needed to do it. Yes, the dreaded migraines again made an appearance in a spectacular fashion just when I could really have done without them. That coupled with the near obligatory printer hissy-fit. Great.

Still, the 42,510 words of novel, 5000 words of critical introduction and 3000 words of synopsis are all in now. Phew. I am a free woman!

Now I just have to:

a) wait for the results

b) actually finish the damn thing!

Nice to be back!

La La and off to London

Posted in 40th birthday, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, birthday, creative / writing, Dalston, gothic, london, me and my world, music, pagan, travel, werewolves vampires and ghoulies on July 25, 2007 by Khlari

Do you know something, that’s the least exciting comment in the world if London is where you come from-makes it about as exciting as Wigan on a wet Wednesday.

Yes, the time has come to deliver M____ to her doting grandparents for the holidays. So it’s trial-by-parent for me for the next few days…. Down tomorrow afternoon, as Mr A____ has to work in the morning, spending tomorrow and Friday hanging about with parents, then catch up with Matt (my brother) and the lovely Kali on Saturday at some point, then head off to that monument of goth culture, The Dev. AKA the Devonshire Arms.


(The bar staff)

(For those of you who don’t know what Wikipedia describes as the longest running ‘Alternative’ pub in the world or
Look here

We had been thinking abouut going to Inferno at the Electric Ballroom, but lucked out on the date,

or to the Slimelight, look here for the world’s longest-running Goth club , but we again lucked out, as there is a band on and it’s only two floors, not the third neccessary for a traditional goth floor…….

So it’s off to The Dev for a pint with as many of the Scooby Gang as we can drag up for the occasion…….It’s the thought of that which will sustain me for the next two days of inquisition and torture (otherwise known as a visit to my mother). I wonder if she’d notice if I wore earplugs. She would you know, she notices EVERYTHING, like a superannuated eagle or something. I thought you were supposed to become deaf, blind etc…no, I think she’s been honing her spidey-powers to catch me out.

It comes to something when you have to smuggle your goth gear down and get changed at your brother’s to go out……aged 40. At least Matt has a flat now to go back to when trashed, used to be awful when we had no choice but to go back to Mum’s…..standing there going ‘Will I pass for normal?’ to each other at the end of the road before we got home like a pair of twelve year olds after a bottle of cider in the park. (Standard answer of course from both sides, was ‘you, never!).

Think to self- suffering- Dev- inquisition-Dev…you can get through it!

Techno-Bimbo Babe About to Join the Twenty-First Century (watch this space….)

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Oooh this is dead exciting for an old luddite like me! If only I knew how it worked properly. As part of my 40th birthday present, the very lovely AmethystDragon has bought me my own domain name! So now I can do all the twiddly bits, put in widgets (when I find out what they actually are), and have flashy things in my sidebars…….When I find the book entitled ‘Putting Twiddly Bits in for Twerps’ that is……

(Think mine would have to be blogging for bimbos…)

I am very excited…..(yes, I know everyone else has had one for years and years and years….) but I only actually OWNED my first PC in mid-2004.

At school I totally ignored the BBC Basics that trundled in as I was in the middle of my A levels… university I was proud to boast that in 3 years I never once used the computer indexing system..(it was quicker to find the Dewey code and go look…). I bluffed my way through all my student temp jobs with a ‘oh, yes, course I can…(not). Through Wordperfect, and Wordstar, and little eyesight ruining things with green screens….

I never got into games, my brother went through the Spectrum and Commodore, but that just went right over my head…..I don’t think that you can really count the Amstrad 9512 I owned c 1992 in that. (Actually, looking at this ad makes me realise how damn expensive the thing was though… cost me £550 .00 in 1992… present PC cost me less than that……). I thought it was really clever at the time…….

(I thought I was so cool with this….)

In between that I just had to learn on other people’s PCs when they were feeling nice, or at work when I could. So it was quite a long and slow learning curve….I had a patch learning graphics and DTP on a prehistoric MAC or two (which confused me even further…)

(And off to the banlieue ouest……)

I discovered the net, and taught myself MS Word in French, in 1997, when I worked in an English book and toy shop in the Paris suburbs. My boss decided that it would be good for us to have an online ordering service, and publicity for free on the internet, and not have to pay for graphical layout on adverts, and to be able to produce everything in-house……. So he bought a PC, set up a 56k modem….and was too tight to do anything else. I had to teach myself the rest. (oh- actually I was the one who got the modem working…)

(Here, you have to be a millionaire to afford a sandwich…)

Luckily for me I came across some brilliant people online who gave their time and effort with no personal gain. Thanks Tulip and Steen for that one! Tulip and I still talk to each other 10 years later…we’ve never met. She’s in Ohio. Would you believe he then complained that I had spent too much time on line learning how to do it………in the good old pay per minute times. I thought that I didn’t do too badly for a techno-bimbo…..

(Posh suburban middle of nowhere…I used to live here once upon a time…not in the station, but literally opposite…..)

Then followed a long period when I was dependent on the devices of internet cafes and public libraries all over France- my husband (at the time) thought that the only reason anybody ever went on the internet was ‘pour draguer’ (to pick people up). Living in the ‘banlieue ouest’ (the posh suburbs to the west of Paris), everyone was presumed to have their own PC, along with their million pound villa. Hence I had to fight people off in the library to do all my CAPES research online…and sending emails was forbidden (if they caught you….). It was the only time at that point that I ever got to speak or write English….and talk to my old friends without a constant barrage of questions or requests for simultaneous translation…. I didn’t even have a job where I got to use a PC, I was teaching all over Paris.

When I moved to Sables d’Olonne it was even worse. That truly IS the middle of nowhere, most messgaes went by pony-trap, literally. The town’s only net cafe had one computer…… It truly was the ‘end of the line’ in all senses of the world. In the winter, there were only about 3 trains a day…..Hell, the French still think that the Minitel is at the cutting edge of technology…….. This little netcafe next to the station saved my sanity in the last dark days of my marriage…made me realise that there was a world out there…..

(The middle of nowhere….and the tracks that lead back to civilisation)

It wasn’t until I came back to England, and finally got my own place that I could have MY computer. Ha ha ….at last. Finally no-one watching me, and no-one booting me off after half an hour! Yay! Spicy came in at this point in fact, without him I would have been in tears over the cardboard box I fear……I had a shiny lovely new PC and a lovely shiny new superfast cable broadband to boot…..and all was well until HWBCN came on the scene and suddenly my PC went kaput….. strangely enough, so I had to use his, monitored one. Mind you, the internet was responsible for me meeting said HWCBN (now that was a bad move)….though it also meant that I met AmethystDragon and Co, as well as putting me back in touch with Spicy, so not all bad! This was later compounded by the shower-gel he poured into my PC on the day of the clothes slashorama episode…..

(The end of the line literally, I hope!)

So several hundred pounds later, It’s back with a vengeance, not that I ever get near the thing. It’s so good I now have to fight M_____ and Mr A for it……not to mention the total hassle I have had getting a viable broadband connection, as Morecambe seems to be at the end of everybody’s list…that ‘includes 70% of households’ should have the little codicil’ * except anywhere in Morecambe….’ AD and Spicy have helped decode the mess for me though (I would be totally useless were it not for my clever and technologically literate friends…) and now it is an all-singing all-dancing boy racer of a thing! They have put up with my idiot questions, my crying down the phone that ‘I can’t make it work…’

So, I digress. As per usual. Ohh this is very very exciting. I have a domain that is all mine!!!! I can do pretty, unusual, glorious twiddly things on it! yay! Thank you SOOOO much AmethystDragon! Just need to find out how it all works now…lol! Gosh, excited…..

Watch this space…..



Rockin Girl Blogger Award!

Posted in birthday, blogging, books, creative / writing, gothic, me and my world, morecambe, pagan, werewolves vampires and ghoulies on June 29, 2007 by Khlari

Woooh! Thanks though a little late to Nathalitanis for nominating me for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award!!! This came from Mad Goat Lady, who was, in her turn, nominated by Ann.

I was honoured to be selected, and in my turn nominate:

Chaotic Kitty who has a way with words and visuals…

SurlyGirl Have only just discovered her blog, but it has attitude by the bucketload and makes me laugh out loud!

Beautifu1 whose passage to self-discovery is mapped through her blog

AmethystDragon who blogs brilliantly…….(when she blogs- I AM NOT NAGGING!)

and last but not least…..

Nicola For always being thought provoking, fascinating, and inspring!

Enjoy ladies!

The Big Four-Oh-Ow My Head Hurts…..Fit the Second

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So, finally Saturday I am just about able to stand up and behave slightly less like an extra from Return of the Living Dead….I still needed the shades though, thank heaven for prescription shades is all I can say. Mr A then took me and the gothlet out to Preston in search of goth bits for my birthday.

So I ended up with wonderfully floaty goth princess dress

which looks a bit like…….

Except that mine is black and red and not purple and black… a pair of pewter red-eyed bat earrings. Then on to the next goth emporium, where Mr A got himself a skull tie to wear with his zoot suit, and I got a PVC miniskirt for when I feel skinnier (ha ha, even after a week not eating- haven’t lost an ounce…). Then, typically when we had no money, found an ace PVC and leather shop…they had a Vampirella PVC Cloak to die for, and loads of other goodies. I’m going back when I get paid!

Still a little fragile, so home for a nap, then got myself gothed up for the evening…..lacy body, lacy short at the front-long at the back skirt with mad tutu underneath so I had a bustle bottom, the little waspie I got in London the other week, my new boots, ponky-knots in my hair with lots of red roses, and a tiara..(it is my birthday!)

(this was the corset and this is Martha modelling it in the Elizium catalogue…)

Mr A wouldn’t tell me where we were going….just to goth up. Yes, he wore the zoot suit and even took his mad crystal-topped pimp cane to complete the look.

Then he took me off to the Carleton, where AD and TNO, Spicy Cauldron and D, Beautifu1, Kitty and Scat, Dam and Woo, Silent, Steb…..were all waiting. Mr A had made me a cake as big as a cartwheel…literally, he had to buy a garden table to put it on…it was a pentacle, with the full 40 candles (took me 5 minutes to blow them out).

I had loads of gorgeous pressies too. The only slight downer was the music. Dam and Mr A had fixed for the DJ to play a CD of stuff I like, but it didn’t work on his dinosaur system….and I don’t like rock. The more I asked for anything a bit gothy or punky, the more the guy played Status Quo. I REALLY don’t like rock. Got a bit upset at that point. However, the line of Gin and Tonic cheered me up and I was too drunk to think about my head any more. Dam managed to get him to play ‘Sanctuary’ finally. Mr A snogged me so hard on the dancefloor I had lipstick round my ears.

Mr A and Dam had also raided my computer for pics and had put Happy 40th Khlari and the pics into the big screen system at the club, which meant I had loads of 12 year old emos asking me every time I went to the loo if I was REAALLLY 40. After that I collapsed in a gin-soaked heap. A good night was had by all! Thanks to everyone involved for making it a fantastic evening. Now, today, back on Planet Reality, have to go and see my M.A. tutor…about the novel, which I haven’t touched for weeks due to the big bad head…………