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and again…..

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The Bride and Groom…Berni attempting to chop Gary’s hand off…….(well, she didn’t say that, but….)


This is the real M______- stealing Becca’s champagne (about right for my small monster……..)


This doesn’t seem to like posting more than one picture at once…here you can see the strange hat-thing, and M_____ who looked a deceptively innocent pretty in pink. It was FREEEZING on Saturday, we almost died of hypothermia up at the memorial, (it’s the highest point in town….) only to have to dash back to Morecambe to get Mr A’s mum’s inhaler (which she had forgotten)…then back to the hotel, where Mr A decided he REALLY didn’t like me like that (scary was the word he used), so goaded me on til we went back home again to goth up…(true, I did feel more comfortable, but……) M____ insisted on gothing up too, so we made our entrance like the Addams family!


Welcome to!

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Wahay! I have a domain! Gosh that looks clever and technical and stuff! (Good job I have the lovely AmethystDragon then….I wouldn’t have known what to do about it!!!!!)…tee hee

Here are some more wedding pics……


(me and Mr A looking bizarrely normal….)

Health Warning- Normality Strikes…..

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Shade your eyes, it’s shocking.

It was THE wedding this weekend, and as usual it was mayhem in our house. We had 12 people in the house most of the weekend, as even Berni stayed the night befor the wedding……Friday was a headless chicken day where I seemed to get nothing done at all, there were endless catastrophes, things not arriving, getting lost, I mislaid the false nails I had carefully purchased (as I alone of all the women couldn’t afford to do the beauty parlour/hairdresser thing on the morning of the wedding, I had to make do with doing my own hair (complex), make-up (scary, but fortunately not tangerine-coloured), and resort to stick-on nails from Claire’s Accesssories which I was left with 5 minutes to put on…….) It was a mad weekend (and for some reason this is only letting me post one photo at a time……



Bela Lugosi’s Toenails!

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I am going to steal an idea from SurlyGirl here. Have you ever noticed on your feeds how people have come to your blog through arcane google searches?

Think about the penguins. Those penguins gave me more readers than I could have dreamed of. Surly Girl’s experience was about Sarah Beeny’s tits……Therefore I am going to make the rest of this post up with arcane statements and see how many more bizarre readers I get through mentioning them…….

Let’s see….

Ditta von Teese’s bellybutton maybe. That might be a good one. Or maybe with the penguin theme…..Penguin kinky sex.

What about Pagan Penguin Perversion probably get three hits for the price of one on that one.

Dragons seem to get lots of hits on mine too. Lets use Dragon Penguin Morecambe Hussy. From the last couple of days we could have Victorian Cauldron Gestapo Frida Kahlo. Or Pentacle Penguin Happy Fairy. Or Gothic London Penguin Post. Maybe Marie Lloyd Mabon Billy Bragg.

Frequent ones are Gothic, Fairy, Penguin, Pagan…..but some of them it is honestly unfathomable how they get to me. Maybe this could rival googlewhacking- with the person who gets the most hits from the most bizarre things winning?

Champagne Cocktails, Transport Cock-ups, Tiaras, and the Shanghai Shuffle…..the misadventures of a wild weekend #2

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Where did I get to? Oh yes, bawling out the hits at Shanghai Shuffle. Made a complete idiot of myself, as did the whole place! But it was very good fun. very nice cocktails, I was obliged to drink ‘Pretty in Pink’ ones all night to co-ordinate with my outfit…..(that’s my excuse). Then we went off in search of somewhere else to go. Wandered up and down Sauchiehall Street, trying to find somewhere still open, and Giana was struggling a bit as she’s on crutches…….

Finally decided that the hotel had a bar, so had to go there and demolish even more champagne……and Drambuie. Finally got to bed after Bernie had decided to ring Mr A at 3 am and heavy-breathe at him. His response- ‘Bernadette, do you have asthma?’ Finally to bed at about 4am……

Crawled out of bed and had an enormous breakfast, then off to Central Station for a train……here goes my train jinx again.

We had to get a train to Carlisle, wait a bit, then on to a place called Hellifield (none of us even knew where that was), then finally Lancaster. Five hours. Had to ring Mr A to tell him to come and get me straight from the station……

Carlisle was shut. Literally. Bang went all hope of a cup of tea. Then they tried to convince us to go by bus to Lancaster…(No- not on a Sunday thanks.) On to Hellifield over the Settle and Carlisle line, supposedly one of the most beautiful train lines in the world. We were a little to frazzled to notice as we stopped at all of the 13 stops en route….to Hellifield.

Which turned out to be in North Yorkshire, so we were only about 30 miles from Leeds…some detour.

Finally got to Lancaster, then in the car and Mr A had to drive me down to London. Took ages even to get the other side of Preston. Then going fine till we hit near monsoon the other side of Northampton. Didn’t arrive till 11.30 as then had to drive at 30mph, couldn’t see anything.

M________ really pleased to see us and disgustingly spoilt and brown after weekend at hideous family reunion.

Monday morning, Mr A went on a mission, to buy an OTT African wedding suit…and he did. It’s red and black with a long zoot-suit like jacket, and he is seriously in love with it. Wouldn’t be too bad but I have to be with him when he wears it……… Then he topped it all by buying a t-shirt with 50s bathing beauties on it. I despair. He seems to like the OTT clothes in Hackney, why did I take him???? I now have to walk down the street with a goth pirate in a zoot suit.

Then back to Lancaster. OK, Mr A had to drive, and we didn’t get home til 7pm after his shopping spree. So in one weekend I have done the equivalent of a return trip from London to Glasgow with detours. Now need a holiday to get over it all.

Champagne Cocktails, Transport Cock-ups, Tiaras, and the Shanghai Shuffle…..the misadventures of a wild weekend #1

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It’s been quite an odd weekend, in many ways!

( I did warn you about the pink….This is me, and Giana, Mr A’s sister…)

Off to Glasgow we all went, starting with a few glasses of champagne on the train- much to the annoyance of the beige couple opposite, who despite an empty train and a quiet carriage next door insisted on sitting first in our seats, then next to us, despite having no reservations themselves. We say ‘our seats’ – it transpired that when the ticket man came, they were our seat numbers for the return journey not the outward one…..whoops. However, they were unaware of this, and we weren’t going to tell them…..

After a swift check in at the hotel, off to Bernie (the bride to be’s) cousin Anita in Kelvindale, where she laid on a spectacular and yummy buffet…..many glasses of wine later, we all crashed back home, to sleep soundly!

(Bride to be in curly pink wig, me in pink lurking…)

The next day….the spa was off. Most annoying, but they messed about on times, and above all money, not sticking to the price, and we had a reservation for the meal in the evening. So we had to console ourselves in the shops instead. I found a brilliant one straight away, Hellfire, which I had heard of but never been to……I got everyone in the goth shop….. I fell victim to a little polka dotted/fishnet number, seeing as I was in the home town of Strawberry Switchblade it seemed rude not to…… Plus the flouffy petticoat/skit needed for full effect……Then we pottered around, popping into Roganos on the advice of Sarah…..

This was a fantastic Oyster Bar and Restaurant, all original Art Deco. Very chic, ruinously expensive. We had champagne cocktails on the terrace darling. Mine was a menage a trois…and we pretended to be ladies who lunch. Sarah got chatted to (up) by a very suave man reading Socialist Worker (champagne socialist?). Lunch was at La Vita (Yep, if we had eaten at Roganos would have needed a second mortgage….)

Then more shopping darlings, a little bit of Clarins and Co in Debenhams, then back to the hotel to pinkify myself for the evening’s festivities……

We went to a place called Shanghai Shuffle– a Cantonese Karaoke place that specialises in hen nights and celebrations, full of chinese guys in kilts. Very odd. It was mad. We all had to do karaoke, by table and then by ourselves….

(Bernie, bride to bein pink wig as a ‘billy dancer’)

It was surreal. Bernie outed her allegiance to the Bay City Rollers by singing Shang-a-Lang, Bernie made me sing ‘Holding out for a Hero’, I murdered Lene Lovich’s ‘Lucky Number’, (as bizarrely enough there was no Strawberry Switchblade), then we all bawled along with everything else……

(me singing badly, hence odd expression)

Part 2 to follow……..