About Khlari the muser…..

Deluded old Goth who’s moved around far too much…from Hackney in London to Manchester, Stockport, Walsden, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Liege ,Hebden, Todmorden (again), Bradford, Paris, Corlay, Sables d’Olonne, back to Dalston in London, Stoke Newington, Muswell Hill, back to Dalston up to Lancaster in the grim north, now in seaside Morecambe in (sunny?) Lancashire……

Sometime Student, Doctor’s receptionist, Cashier in Sainsbury’s, FE Lecturer, TEFL Teacher, Corporate Trainer, NHS Administrator in London and Manchester, Community Health Council Adminstrator, Insurance Assessor, Education Officer, Graphic Arts Screenprinter, English Teacher in a farming school, Grade School teacher, Bookie’s clerk, Youth Worker, Employment Trainer, NVQ Assessor, Community Arts Worker, Primary School Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Basic Skills Trainer, Bookshop Manager and now Local Government employee and part-time Further Education Lecturer ….and in addition to all of the above, full-time deranged goth and general eccentric.. the CV is long……and strange.

Mother of Gothling, my own little monster now twelve, Persona non grata in general since I aaprently behaved like a cmplete Jezebel in running off with the lovely @rantingpostie (though wondering if I do have the words psycho-magnet tattooed on my forehead) finally divorced (only took five years) from mad French ex-husband, and (yuk)the wrong side of 40……

Love…. (in no particular order) Sylvia Plath, Frida Kahlo, Writing in all its forms, gothicism in all its forms, art, literature and music, sanity, peace, love, happiness, equality, hair dye, Strawberry Switchblade, Lene Lovich, Hazel O’Connor, mad high octane one-hit wonders, Goth in all its personifications, paganism and vampires…..

That enough to be going on with?????


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