Serial F**k-Up Girl Strikes Again….and Again…and Again….

Yep. Well, I told everybody not to get too excited. And before somebody tells me it’s all to do with a positive outlook (and I axe-murder and disembowel them), I did go with a positive, nay scarily smiley face wearing a suit and heels.

Luckily, I was very early. Which was fortunate as it took me 30 minutes from the time I found the building on the map till the time I found where I was actually supposed to be within it. The letter didn’t give so much as a floor, let alone an office number, and there was nothing as revolutionary as a receptionist….To be faced by a smug middle-aged woman telling me that she supposed that the University was difficult if you didn’t know your way around it. She briefly interrupted her intimate conversation with the woman taking us down to interview to tell me this. She only stopped again to have another little knowledgeable chat with the 12-year old who was going in after me, who she also seemed to be on dinner-party terms with.

Then they gave me 20 minutes to prepare an ambiguously-worded and figured conference budget (‘using any software you like’) Great. on someone else’s PC, set up with Vista to boot. Oh, and in 20 minutes. No clue where to save, what they would like… never used Vista ho hum……it would take that long to set up the EQUATIONS in Excel…..paper and pen was actually quicker, in a Word table. Succinct, clear, and even with my duff mathematics, I did finish. Sweating, it’s true, but finished.

That however was the best bit…it went downhill from there on. I’m so glad I went and read everything I could about what they did, their research, their specialities….not. I didn’t get a chance to mention I knew anything. I even read the Times Higher Education Supplement for god’s sake. All their questions were angled towards people who already worked in Higher Education. Or the fact that I was really into Women’s Studies, and feminism in general, both French and English, I could have talked for hours about that….. They were more interested in whether I had used higher education accounting software though, or whether I could type. Well dammit, there might be a teensy weensy clue in the fact that I never actually appear to have been sacked for administrative incompetence, and that I was apparently clever enough to have been given an M.A. less that six months ago.

There are so few jobs around here. So few employers that aren’t ASDA, or Morrisons, or minimum wage-slavery. I am sick of being asked to dumb down my CV (one agency actually suggested I took out degree, MA and most of my work experience so as not to ‘scare’ empoyers). I get a chance like this…and again it’s no chance. It’s a little clique once again….needless to say, they didn’t ring back. Why aren’t I surprised?


5 Responses to “Serial F**k-Up Girl Strikes Again….and Again…and Again….”

  1. Oh dear. Should have seen this before leaving a comment on the previous post! Academia, though… You KNOW academia and the unconventional free-thinkers such as you and I do NOT mix. We might have brains but we’re not willing to fall into tight cliques in order to exercise them for the earning of a wage.

    I am sorry it went so badly. But from what you wrote, it’s nothing you did and everything to do with the snobs at the university. Remember, those who behave like that are usually using either class or intellectualism, or both, as a security blanket to mask their inadequacies. We both have experience of this, don’t we?

    You could always write something… Maybe send off some short stories for publication, or take part in the Script Frenzy 30-day 100-page script quest running all through April. Do a search for ‘Script Frenzy’ on Google and all will be revealed! It won’t make you any money straightaway but it’s a challenge that might lead to you doing so one day…

    I’m writing a three-part comic strip at the moment. It’s fun. x

  2. It’s only been a couple days. I’ve never applied for a job on your side of the pond, but here, a week or two can transpire before someone’s arsed to call back and say, “Oh, hey, we need you to come in tomorrow. …Yes, of course you’ve got the job, didn’t anyone tell you?”

    I don’t want to stoke false hope or anything, but, you know, there’s always an outside chance. The wheels of bureaucracy grind slow but fine.

    And yeah, the “overqualified” conundrum is insanity itself. You’d think a place would be excited to hire someone competent and skilled, not intimidated by the prospect. Maybe you could include “holds hands, speaks in soft soothing tone, has cookies” in your resume to take the edge off, if they’re that skittish.

  3. :em25: :em25: :em25:
    Stupid people!!! So glad I read this before commenting on your pre-interview post.


    I hope you find that job that is perfect for your real real soon, and that they appreciate you. but until then hun (((((((HUGS)))))))

    I don’t know which would be more annoying, knowing that it had nothing to do with anything I did/didn’t do or to know that something I did/didn’t do persuaded interview people to not choose me. The later would be frustrating but fixable for next time, the first, which is sounds as though is what happened to you, simple frustrating :em41: :em41: :em41:

  4. Gawd that sucks, but be patient, I’m sure you’ll get ‘the’ job one day! :em70:
    Take care!

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