Got a job interview got a job interview…..FOR A PROPER JOB!!!!!!

For a proper job that might treat me as someone with a little brain. I have a job interview at the University tomorrow afternoon. A proper, grown up, job interview for the kind of graduate job I have wanted since I graduated in about 1989. So I am bound to screw it up. A centre co-ordinator for a Centre for Gender and Womens Studies. It’s too good to be true. I might even like it…hell, they might even like me! Somewhere that actually treats my qualifications as an advantage and not a disadvantage……(do you think it’s all a big hoax????? is today April Fool’s Day???) I’m sleeping with my fingers, toes, and any other possible parts of my anatomy crossed……. I’ve only waited for twenty years for this and several thousand pointless applications for this to happen after all…there’s absolutely no chance that i’ll f**k it up………..


3 Responses to “Got a job interview got a job interview…..FOR A PROPER JOB!!!!!!”

  1. You’ve got much brain, so you should be amply qualified for the position. Here’s to hoping it’s an apt fit and a pleasant place to work!

    Cool mug, too. Good find.

  2. How did it go??????

    PS I’ve disabled my facebook fo a while, just so you know. :em55:

  3. Wow. Yes, how did it go? x

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