Had to share this with you…and break radio silence….

Just found this out, and had to share this with you because it was so strange……

Khlari, my netname is due to a strangely named Uni friend of mine called Antigone Panayi (yes, you guessed it, she was Greek), a painter of icons and fascinated by language. One day she wrote my name out in Greek script, and it comes out as Khlari….. which became my nickname, with variants upon it, and my nom-de-plume when I was writing and standing for student election at the same time. I’ve always liked the sound of it. Years later, with the arrival of the net, it seemed perfect, short, sweet, and unusual, I share it with two or three people worldwide, and I two of them are definitely men! (One’s a baseball player, and one’s in a band on MySpace…). There’s also a role-player of indeterminate sex, and it appears to be some kind of Punjabi or Indian verb……

I just came across something quite cool today. Apparently in Cambodian Khmer, Khlari means ‘Strong’. I like that meaning, accidental, but ultimately, rather cool!


6 Responses to “Had to share this with you…and break radio silence….”

  1. That is indeed very cool. Now write some more! :em59:

  2. That is pretty cool. How interesting, the multiple meanings and applications, and yet it’s quite unique.

  3. :em59: Very cool, even cooler that you’re back online … I’ve not been here for so long cos you didn’t write for ages and now I visit there are three things to read yeah :em55:

  4. Antigone Panayi Says:

    :em50: :em55: :em54:
    Hi Khlari, it’s Antigone Panayi here, the icon-painter of yore… Thanks for mentioning me… Tell me more… Love your web-site… Want to hear more from you…!!!

  5. Woh!!!! Antigone!!!! Long time no see, O Icon-Painter of Yore….Paris, around 1999 if I remeber…an interview at IFG???? Are you still in Manchester? I’m just up the road if you are…..get in touch!!!!

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