Return of the Errant Goth-Chick

I’m back, I’m back!!!!well, I haven’t actually physically been anywhere as such, just out of the loop, so to speak. the dreaded novel is in, although I managed to again be so ill that it was hard to finish what I needed to do when I needed to do it. Yes, the dreaded migraines again made an appearance in a spectacular fashion just when I could really have done without them. That coupled with the near obligatory printer hissy-fit. Great.

Still, the 42,510 words of novel, 5000 words of critical introduction and 3000 words of synopsis are all in now. Phew. I am a free woman!

Now I just have to:

a) wait for the results

b) actually finish the damn thing!

Nice to be back!


6 Responses to “Return of the Errant Goth-Chick”

  1. yay!! Glad to see you’re back! :em02:

  2. :em55: Yay you’re back … hope the migraines stay gone though!

  3. To mirror Beautiful1’s comments YAY and Boo Hiss!!!!!

  4. Yay, great to hear about the book. It was nice to see you the other evening, even if it was for a fleeting few minutes on the pavement 🙂

  5. Welcome back. Make sure you don’t take too much time away from the novel and get the thing finished. Once you have the product, then you can set about making money from your efforts by finding a publisher. I wish you the very best as always, and don’t forget to push me on my novel-writing front as well! 🙂

  6. You haven’t blogged in a while since this ‘comeback’ post… Are you novel-writing? I hope you’re doing *some* writing! I want to read it when it’s finished… x

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