Now you see me…now you don't….

I, until 18th August at least, am the invisible woman. I have a novel to write by then, I’m afraid,, so until then I am and will be the invisible incommunicado woman………BUT I’LL BE BACK!

(and imagine all the rants I will have saved up by then)


9 Responses to “Now you see me…now you don't….”

  1. :em52: You can tell it’s getting to me already! :em42:

  2. You can do it :em69: , just switch off the internet :em22: , open the program you’re using for your book, maybe put some music on, and start writing :em60: … go on, you KNOW you can do it :em32:

  3. Hmm. I’d like to see anyone switch off the Internet. That’d have to be a great big plug and an even bigger socket…

    So once again, dear Khlari, we parallel! I, too, am blog-free this month and writing my novel.

    Maybe we can both become published novelists at the same time as well!

    As for music, I write in silence. Silence is golden. Allows me to think and create… xx

  4. :em23: @ Andy … why? cos you know I meant her connection to the internet & not the whole thing :em23:

  5. Well, yeah. But what you wrote wasn’t really what you meant even though I knew what you meant, and it read as being very funny. You gave me the image of our mad goth friend pressing a very big button and across the world computers going dark….

    You said ‘switch off the Internet’. And I still say I’d like to see anyone try! :em23:

  6. Mad? Goth? Me? I’m still around you know!!!!!! I will be posting forthwith, just to scotch all roumours of me closing the intertnet down!

  7. I of course mean rumour and internet, but it wouldn’t let me change it!

  8. No one would dare try to switch off the internet cos there’d be billions and billions of people going totally ga-ga without their ‘fix’ :em30: and we’d all be after that person with various sharp and extremely painful objects :em45: :em46:

  9. Welcome Back

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