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Return of the Errant Goth-Chick

Posted in blogging, books, creative / writing, gothic, me and my world, migraines, morecambe, pagan, work/life balance on August 24, 2007 by Khlari

I’m back, I’m back!!!!well, I haven’t actually physically been anywhere as such, just out of the loop, so to speak. the dreaded novel is in, although I managed to again be so ill that it was hard to finish what I needed to do when I needed to do it. Yes, the dreaded migraines again made an appearance in a spectacular fashion just when I could really have done without them. That coupled with the near obligatory printer hissy-fit. Great.

Still, the 42,510 words of novel, 5000 words of critical introduction and 3000 words of synopsis are all in now. Phew. I am a free woman!

Now I just have to:

a) wait for the results

b) actually finish the damn thing!

Nice to be back!


Now you see me…now you don't….

Posted in blogging, books, creative / writing, me and my world, migraines on August 2, 2007 by Khlari

I, until 18th August at least, am the invisible woman. I have a novel to write by then, I’m afraid,, so until then I am and will be the invisible incommunicado woman………BUT I’LL BE BACK!

(and imagine all the rants I will have saved up by then)