Welcome to musingsofkhlari.co.uk!

Wahay! I have a domain! Gosh that looks clever and technical and stuff! (Good job I have the lovely AmethystDragon then….I wouldn’t have known what to do about it!!!!!)…tee hee

Here are some more wedding pics……


(me and Mr A looking bizarrely normal….)


2 Responses to “Welcome to musingsofkhlari.co.uk!”

  1. Everything’s looking fabulous here. Nice! While the comment avatars are loading (is everyone getting these Chinese ones now?) the comment box wiggles from left to right and it’s really funny to see!

    Welcome to your own domain! Ah, the power, the power! x

  2. I think you look great. A change is good. Shakes people out of complacency! :em20:

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