and again…..


The Bride and Groom…Berni attempting to chop Gary’s hand off…….(well, she didn’t say that, but….)


This is the real M______- stealing Becca’s champagne (about right for my small monster……..)


This doesn’t seem to like posting more than one picture at once…here you can see the strange hat-thing, and M_____ who looked a deceptively innocent pretty in pink. It was FREEEZING on Saturday, we almost died of hypothermia up at the memorial, (it’s the highest point in town….) only to have to dash back to Morecambe to get Mr A’s mum’s inhaler (which she had forgotten)…then back to the hotel, where Mr A decided he REALLY didn’t like me like that (scary was the word he used), so goaded me on til we went back home again to goth up…(true, I did feel more comfortable, but……) M____ insisted on gothing up too, so we made our entrance like the Addams family!


5 Responses to “and again…..”

  1. Very nice pictures! I love how everyone made an effort to look so nice. I’ve never been to a wedding where people actually bothered to do anything remotetly special with their clothes.

    Man, my family and friends are boring when it comes to these things… 😐

  2. That is because we all like dressing up like idiots and prancing around in the rain..part of our ‘never growing up’ attitude- still essentially dressing up. The British are also disproportionally fond of hats, the sillier the better (look at mine!)

  3. Very pretty feathery thing in your hair Khlari … but not what I would call a hat lol, I know, I’m soooo not up on fashion 🙂

  4. What great pictures and some gorgeous outfits – very dashing indeed – I loved your head dress.

  5. I love that wedding dress and.. wrap (I guess?). It’s SO classy and just.. awesome. The red and white cake looks great, too!

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