Health Warning- Normality Strikes…..#2


Yep, this one is indeed very scary-pastelled to near-oblivion (Mr A said he didn’t like it- apparently I didn’t look like me). Quite frightening…..


3 Responses to “Health Warning- Normality Strikes…..#2”

  1. Who’s in the picture??? Mr A is right … it can’t have been you Khlari!!! Not with that pastelle, hardly there make-up and swept back, hair … it almost looks like a bee-hive from the fifties 😮

    Sorry … am in shock!

  2. Well, I’ve only ever seen you on the picture with your pink hair on, and I have to say; you couldn’t look much different than this 😀
    It really looks like the 50s, but I still think you look very nice (but then, I’ve never met you in person, so I can’t judge these things)
    Great new blog by the way!

  3. A bit unrecognisable though! I do look a little different than usual, Mr A did remark I’d be all right in a T-bird dressed like this but that he couldn’t cope….hence we went home and gothed up for later on!

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