One of those days…where I haven’t got a lot to say really!

Hmmm has been a busy day really. Not been up to much really, apart from the obvious working, that is. Had a wander about at lunchtime, as Mr A was working miles away, and spent some birthday book tokens in Waterstones.

I got-

One Good Turn- Kate Atkinson

Her books seem to get better and better and she is one of my favourite authors so I am dying to read this one….

The Matchmaker of Perigord – Julia Stuart

Have never read anything by this person, but it looked really interesting…

My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time by Liz Jensen

This one sounds really mad- which I really what I liked about it-apparently a dark gothic fairy-tale….

Apart from that- have a day off tomorrow filled with exciting things such as an eye test, and picking up the jewellery I commissioned for my 40th. Then Saturday am off to sunny Stockport with M_____ and Mr A to see Sal, my old uni friend, and Ali her daughter, as her daughter wants a sleepover with M_____ for her birthday, which is next weekend, day of the big wedding.

So we are taking M_____ and Ali off to Manchester to see the Dr Who exhibition. Then Sal’s sister is babysitting in the evening, we are off out to catch up with old Stockport friends, and then then M____ and Ali are off to the cinema Sunday morning to see the new Harry Potter film….. so a busy weekend. Next weekend, even busier as it is Berni’s wedding…..


6 Responses to “One of those days…where I haven’t got a lot to say really!”

  1. Will miss you at the weekend 😦 Make sure you have as much fun (it’s not possible to have more) than you had wandering around the book store with your birthday vouchers 🙂

  2. I want to go see harry potter too, but everything is sold out for the coming weeks 😐

  3. trashcandan Says:

    I just posted about books I’m reading as well. I get to go see Harry Potter tomorrow! Glad you are well and posting again. I’ve been crazy busy with work.

  4. Am alive and well, and will post a little more later! Missed everybody at the weekend, but as was for Al’s birthday (which is in fact the big wedding weekend), this was the only way I could achieve both without disappointing a seven year old!

  5. The books btw were fantastic. One Good Turn is great, follows the adventures of Jackson Brodie leading on from Case Histories, and My Dirty Little Book was one of the best things I’ve read in ages…the story of a Danish turn of the century time-travelling prostitute and her sidekicks which jumps between 1897, the present day, London, Osterbro, and Marraquinta- it’s bawdy, funny and very very readable!

  6. My Dirty Little Book sounds like something I’m gonna have to borrow or get out of the library lol

    You were missed love but glad you had fun :o)

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