Talent Nights, Timewarps, The Catholic Church and Taramosalata…..#2

So I woke up feeling like…urggggh. But determined to go and wish TNO a Happy Birthday, so it was off to AmethystDragon’s house, armed with M_______, Mr A, a host of books on suicidal home-brewing for TNO…gems such as ‘How to brew Psychotropic Ales’ and ‘Brew like a Monk’- TNO loves to make weird and wonderful brews, which led to many weird and wonderful discussions. Kitty and Skit were there, as was Silent, Unfortunately ended up feeling a lot worse, after only a can or two of Grolsch (I had foregone the interesting brews). Had to be a real party-pooper and go home at 9.30 or so which is most unlike me. Yuk yuk yuk. Retired to bed with lots more hydrocodeine, and still felt rubbish in the morning…….It’s not fair. Maybe I’d have been better off with the psychotropic ales.

Things could only get better….but then on Sunday morning I had to troop off to Mass. Yes, you are thinking right, I am a Pagan, not normally given to this sort of behaviour. Lui (Mr A’s nephew and M____’s classmate) was however making his First Communion, so everyone had to be on parade. So Berni, Giana, Mr A’s Mum (Nonna to everyone), and even Mr A after lots of prodding and poking managed to get themselves there on time.

I had my orders from M_____. No black. Have you any idea how difficult that is when 98.9% of your wardrobe is black? It took me over an hour to assemble a non-black outfit. M______ was singing in the choir. She had wanted to make First Communion (her choice, it is a Catholic school (they don’t have any Pagan ones)). But the Priest ruled if anyone missed any classes they couldn’t take Communion. So, because she goes to London in the holidays (as I don’t have enough leave), she wasn’t allowed to do it. Beecause even though it is a faith school, he insists on doing classes on a Saturday rather than having them in lunchtime, as used to happen when we were children. How mean did that make me feel? The only child in the class not to. She was really really upset. So much for Christian charity, to make an eight year-old feel so left out of everything. Pah, you wouldn’t see a Pagan doing that.

So….still feeling crap, back home for an 84-course dinner…….thanks to Nonna, and cake. And I still have a headache…….


2 Responses to “Talent Nights, Timewarps, The Catholic Church and Taramosalata…..#2”

  1. ! that is soooooo ….. pants, as the kids would say.

  2. very pants……she was so upset!

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