Rockin Girl Blogger Award!

Woooh! Thanks though a little late to Nathalitanis for nominating me for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award!!! This came from Mad Goat Lady, who was, in her turn, nominated by Ann.

I was honoured to be selected, and in my turn nominate:

Chaotic Kitty who has a way with words and visuals…

SurlyGirl Have only just discovered her blog, but it has attitude by the bucketload and makes me laugh out loud!

Beautifu1 whose passage to self-discovery is mapped through her blog

AmethystDragon who blogs brilliantly…….(when she blogs- I AM NOT NAGGING!)

and last but not least…..

Nicola For always being thought provoking, fascinating, and inspring!

Enjoy ladies!


4 Responses to “Rockin Girl Blogger Award!”

  1. You so are nagging but I will get around to blogging when I’ve a bit more time to think about what I’m writing – still half way through a post on my Bee’s

  2. Oh and thanks for the award!!!!

  3. I know, that’s why I said I wasn’t nagging!!!! Enjoy the bees!

  4. Cool, thanks for the award :o)

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