The Big Four-Oh-Ow My Head Hurts…..Fit the First

It has been a very mixed couple of weeks to say the very least….The Thursday before last, ie the 14th, my head began hurting at work. So off to bed I went when I came home, having dutifully taken my Zolmitriptan……and it didn’t go. I don’t remember much of Friday, nor in fact of most of the weekend. Monday to the G.P. as I had run out of medication (I only get 6 at a time which is no good if it lasts that long- apparently they are ‘too expensive’- glad to know I’m worth it, eh?).

G.P. then gave me some more, as well as some acupuncture which was just amazingly damn weird. As I wouldn’t have cared by that time if he had chopped my head off, that was fine. Felt like a series of electric shocks, most peculiar. That eased it a little, for an hour or two. By Tuesday night though, ended up in A & E at the local hospital, where they kept me waiting the traditional 3 hours in screaming pain under the striplights. They then asked me what they used to do in France if it got this bad. So I told them, morphine injections/suppositories, as I couldn’t keep anything down. I had been living on milky tea for five days by this point. Whereupon I was subjected to a barrage of questions about my ‘drug-misusing’. I said that they only gave me morphine about 3 times ever but we had to run through my entire teenage spliff history before they gave me some poxy codeine and sent me home.

Then back to the G.P. on Thursday. Dihydrocodeine this time. Began to work finally late on Friday, when I finally succeeded in keeping some of it down without puking, but I was still a fragile bunny. So ten days of my life down the lavvy because my migraine drugs are too expensive. Now back on Stage 2 Disciplinary at work as well. Like I wanted it, thanks. Back to G.P. tomorrow to try and get referred somewhere that might actually take this seriously. he did suggest getting it registered as a disability, which might be handy if I never wanted to work again….And no, a paracetamol doesn’t work. Pissing in the wind springs to mind. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


2 Responses to “The Big Four-Oh-Ow My Head Hurts…..Fit the First”

  1. whoa, when I’ve had a migraine it’s never lasted more than a day or so … never days and days. From the little (compared to you) that I have experienced the art work fits to a T … good find :o)

    Hope you can find a surgery/ clinic who’ll give you more meds cos you are sooooo worth it hun :o)

  2. Glad you’re back. x

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