The Big Four-Oh-Ow My Head Hurts…..Fit the Second

So, finally Saturday I am just about able to stand up and behave slightly less like an extra from Return of the Living Dead….I still needed the shades though, thank heaven for prescription shades is all I can say. Mr A then took me and the gothlet out to Preston in search of goth bits for my birthday.

So I ended up with wonderfully floaty goth princess dress

which looks a bit like…….

Except that mine is black and red and not purple and black… a pair of pewter red-eyed bat earrings. Then on to the next goth emporium, where Mr A got himself a skull tie to wear with his zoot suit, and I got a PVC miniskirt for when I feel skinnier (ha ha, even after a week not eating- haven’t lost an ounce…). Then, typically when we had no money, found an ace PVC and leather shop…they had a Vampirella PVC Cloak to die for, and loads of other goodies. I’m going back when I get paid!

Still a little fragile, so home for a nap, then got myself gothed up for the evening…..lacy body, lacy short at the front-long at the back skirt with mad tutu underneath so I had a bustle bottom, the little waspie I got in London the other week, my new boots, ponky-knots in my hair with lots of red roses, and a tiara..(it is my birthday!)

(this was the corset and this is Martha modelling it in the Elizium catalogue…)

Mr A wouldn’t tell me where we were going….just to goth up. Yes, he wore the zoot suit and even took his mad crystal-topped pimp cane to complete the look.

Then he took me off to the Carleton, where AD and TNO, Spicy Cauldron and D, Beautifu1, Kitty and Scat, Dam and Woo, Silent, Steb…..were all waiting. Mr A had made me a cake as big as a cartwheel…literally, he had to buy a garden table to put it on…it was a pentacle, with the full 40 candles (took me 5 minutes to blow them out).

I had loads of gorgeous pressies too. The only slight downer was the music. Dam and Mr A had fixed for the DJ to play a CD of stuff I like, but it didn’t work on his dinosaur system….and I don’t like rock. The more I asked for anything a bit gothy or punky, the more the guy played Status Quo. I REALLY don’t like rock. Got a bit upset at that point. However, the line of Gin and Tonic cheered me up and I was too drunk to think about my head any more. Dam managed to get him to play ‘Sanctuary’ finally. Mr A snogged me so hard on the dancefloor I had lipstick round my ears.

Mr A and Dam had also raided my computer for pics and had put Happy 40th Khlari and the pics into the big screen system at the club, which meant I had loads of 12 year old emos asking me every time I went to the loo if I was REAALLLY 40. After that I collapsed in a gin-soaked heap. A good night was had by all! Thanks to everyone involved for making it a fantastic evening. Now, today, back on Planet Reality, have to go and see my M.A. tutor…about the novel, which I haven’t touched for weeks due to the big bad head…………


5 Responses to “The Big Four-Oh-Ow My Head Hurts…..Fit the Second”

  1. It was a fab night hun and you looked absolutely gorgeous all gothed up … loved your bustlely skirt :oD

  2. Yes you looked fantastic! x

  3. Fantastically mad you mean! lol!

  4. chaotickitty Says:

    It was a great night! I am glad you enjoyed it. I have some great photo’s of you on my blog btw… 😛

  5. I will have to go and look!

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