Moots Mayhem and Mad Zoot Suits in Morecambe…..

Another quiet and restrained weekend in sunny Morecambe (and this time I’m not being sarcastic about the sunshine!) Friday night off to a wedding reception for one of Mr A’s work colleagues with me in fully gothed up mode complete with corset (yes, I was boiling, thank heaven for industrial strength foundation), and Mr A resplendent in black and red zoot-suit with matching nail-varnish. We did get a few funny looks…….but did we really care?

Spent Saturday partly on the beach with M_______ and my hangover, and then off to the spa with Beautifu1 for the afternoon, as it had been her birthday, so gave her her pressies too as had not seen her……. We swam and soaked and steamed and pretended we were ladies who luch for a bit…..In the evening off to the Moot with AD, TNO, Spicy Cauldron and D, where Ceriwitch gave an excellent talk about Pagan Parenting, and ended up falling asleep on AD‘s sofa after rather too much of TNO’s home brewed beer. Mr A had stayed at home with M____ and I at least managed to text ‘am dead on sofa see you in morning…’

When I finally surfaced on Sunday, and Beautifu1 had dropped me home, M_____ used moral blackmail to get me back to beach (OK, it’s in front of our house, but I wanted to die….) TNO and the Dragonettes joined us, then Beautifu1, then finally Spicy and D. As the tide remained obstinately out, TNO, the dragonettes, me and M______ finished off the evening at a friend’s who has a pool, with the baby gothlings attempting to kill each other in water-fights……. A tiring weekend doing not a lot…M______ fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow!


4 Responses to “Moots Mayhem and Mad Zoot Suits in Morecambe…..”

  1. It was a fabulous weekend wasn’t it hun :o) Wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Thank you again for my treasure trove of pressies and my card … found the belt very useful today with my denim skirt lol

  2. Nathalie Says:

    seems like you had a great time 🙂

  3. Was totally deranged, as usual for a moot weekend! lol!

  4. Nathalie Says:

    I normally don’t tag people, so forgive me for making an exception this time:

    o Khlari

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