Up Even Further North……Hen Nights and Haggis….

Tra la. Tee hee. Am off to Scotland in two days time, on Bernie’s Hen Night. Bernie is Mr A’s sister in law (but Mr A’s brother is no more, otherwise she would obviously be a bigamist). So Glasgow here we come. Mr A is all doom and gloom, and keeps telling me how dangerous it is. Bernie is from there, and Giana grew up there, and as I have told him, I have been halfway around the world on my own so am not a complete idiot (only a little bit…). I have never been to Scotland, shamefully, mainly because it is just up the road. Like Ireland, or the Isle of Man. Never been to them either. (though did go to Wales once and it rained for 2 weeks without a break).

We are all (Me, Bernie, Giana, Becca) travelling up by train on Friday night, and staying in a hotel, meeting Bernie’s other friends there. Friday night we are going to have a meal somewhere, then on Saturday we are off to be pampered in a Spa…I have elected to have a full body stone massage…goodness only knows what it’s like, but nothing ventured……

Then apparently, we are to hit the shops (memo to self, find goth shops in Glasgow). Then, off on a night out. I am not known for my prediliction for wearing colours. You could actually say I was famous for it. So, I have been ordered to wear pink for this one. Fine. You want pink, you get PINK. I have a hot pink dress, tights and shoes, matching neckalce and earrings, and to top it all a hot pink neon bobbed wig. You wouldn’t miss me in a crowd, put it like that.

(this is the very wig…)

(loud, eh?)

Also, not what everyone will be expecting……I have also managed to keep all this a secret despite M______.

Then, on Sunday with an, I imagine, storming hangover have to catch the train back home. I fondly imagined that I could then book the rest of this journey on the train, as I have to go and pick M_______ up. Wrong. No trains, they all terminate at Lancaster.

So poor Mr A then has to pick a worse-for-wear me up and drive all the way to London again, where we stay the night in the glorious family home, then drive back here on Monday! Looks like it’s going to be a breakneck weekend……


8 Responses to “Up Even Further North……Hen Nights and Haggis….”

  1. LOL! on the pink! Sounds like something I would do! Hope you have a good time

  2. You really are a mad woman but then again thats why we love ya!!

  3. and you’ve never been one to disappear in a crowd – even in a crowd of goths !!!!

  4. I’d love to go to Scotland, and Ireland, and Isle of man, etc. etc… 😉
    Have fun! I’m curious to know how the stone massage turns out for you!

  5. I’m with Tink – I’d love to see those places!
    Have fun!

  6. Me, disappear in a crowd???? Never! I just think it’s sad that we never visit what is around us, because it’s there all the time…..

  7. Watch you don’t get bitten. Anyone could mistake you for candy floss in that get-up.

    You mad bag lady you! x

  8. oooh Hot stone treatment … enjoy and have a fabulous time :o)

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