Whirlwind weekend with some nice boots thrown in……

Was a very mixed weekend. Friday night Mr A decided to invite Jess over to console her for recent breakup…which meant Saturday morning running about like headless chicken, trying to pack and get going- as airbed pump for bed needed connector…kept saying it wouldn’t blow up, special connector required…….after detour via Asda, new bed and pump purchased…..arrived in London at about 5.00, dinner with parents….Little potter around Dalston, where Mr A falling in love with the luminous zoot suits in Nigerian wedding shops, fortunately they were closing!

Mr A still getting on scarily well with parents especially Dad who even described him as ‘a very nice man’. Didn’t even freak when has now seen Mr A’s numerous tattoos…….had last laugh when finally new pump didn’t fit either bed and Mr A forced to blow up by mouth!

Sunday set off with slight detour via Camden Market as Mr A had never been there…popped in to see my friend Martha at Elizium in the pouring rain, and bought some birthday presents to self….hmmm naughty me…….

some of what I got……..a net top….


and a nice little brocade waspie



an amazingly puffy long skirt


One of these…but in black on black….



One of these in all-black……


One of these in red and another one in purple…(yes, not black!)


You can get all these on Elizium’s website as well…..less rainy than it was in London at Elizium

Mr A then fell in love with an amazing leather coat, but was now too skint to buy it for him. Promised I would get it for his birthday (which isn’t til October).

So as you can see, very naughty indeed. But it was too tempting. The delectable Mr A also bought me a brand new pair of gothic stomping boots…….as an early birthday present!


They look a lot like this……

Then it only took us eight hours to get back here…. a mixture of roadworks on the M1, people driving at 10mph and totrrential rain. Spent the whole of Monday vegging out in front of the TV watching ‘Curse of the Were-Rabbit’…….we needed it after that! So an eventful and well-travelled weekend- and we have to do it all over again next weekend.



13 Responses to “Whirlwind weekend with some nice boots thrown in……”

  1. Glad you had a fab weekend … and try not to freak out about your dad still liking Mr A … it is a goooood thing lol

    darn … wish you’d NOT put up the link to Elizium, just spent aaaaaaaagggggggeeeeesss looking around the web site but apart from the cash aspect nothing seems to come in my size :o( I know my purse is probably happy but still :o(

  2. chaotickitty Says:

    *steals boots*

    You got some great stuff there! I spent hours dreaming over stuff on that website.

  3. Hate to tell you that certain things do go up to a size 24…………

  4. It sounds like a great day (apart from the getting back home bit). Cool cloths! I love the skirt, but those things don’t look good on me – then I look like some stuffed sausage 🙂
    Shopping is good for you, me thinks 😉

  5. Hmmm I have to be a bit careful too…not exactly as thin as I was! lol!

  6. You know, I wish they’d just have special shops for all kinds of clothing; I usually dress in kind of 70’s style clothes. (Maybe that’s why I like Life on Mars so much) Orange, brown, dots and flower prints, boot cut jeans – that sort of stuff; but nowadays the trend just seems to be ‘boring’ and ‘normal’. And if they do have clothes with nice colors and prints than they’re suddenly for size anorexic.
    Not fun at all.

  7. Here they do, lots of stuff like that and vintage clothing stores- (even in Lancaster!) the fashion this year here is very 70s, bright colours and maxi-dresses……. (sitting here in maxi-dress, but of course mine is black!)

  8. Cool! I must go to England then!
    I’m already trying to convince a friend to go with me to either Liverpool or Manchester (been to London, so don’t need to go there again soon, bad experience), but she doesn’t think those are nice places.
    I have no idea if they are, but I just love the way the people there talk 😀

  9. I trust this means no more moaning to the rest of us that you’ve got no money for it would only be because you SPEND IT ALL ON CLOTHES.

    Well, and booze. And fags…….

  10. Not sure about the boots but if they were in my size I’d be pinching the waspie and the puffy skirt for sure lol … you’re safe though and so is my purse … still not in my size :o(

  11. I spend my money on clothes…and booze…and fags…BUT NOT ON GADGETS! My MP3 player cost £4.87! They are my hobby. I like clothes, simple.

    And they have come in really useful to sell when skint- much more of a return, their value rises rather than falls. Some I even sold for more than I paid for them!

  12. Beautifu1- the skirts do come in your size, the stretchy ones, AND Mia is now doing some tops to size 24…..purse still safe?

  13. Unfortunately yes it is still safe … but it had some hammering earlier this week … I’ve bought a couple of things from Holy Clothing, an ebay shop, which wont be here in time for this Moot but should be for next and def for Oakleaf. Just hope I wasn’t toooo optimistic about the sizes lol :o)


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