Doom, Gloom and Approaching 40 Too Too Fast……..

Back to my normal maudlin territory now……24th of May today, so a month’s countdown to the big 4-0 and the life of blue rinses and crimplene that await me………


6 Responses to “Doom, Gloom and Approaching 40 Too Too Fast……..”

  1. Never – I cannot ever see you in either! ( I found a photo – which I didn’t share of me in a navy blue double breasted cardigan – the indestructible crimplene/nylon variety! )

    If you have not read already – you need to read ” Warning – When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple”

    40 was fun – it was when I let loose – 50 has been pretty good too – 60 is now the one I am worrying about!

  2. Khlari with a blue rinse and wearing crimplene …. nah … just can’t make it scan …. Khlari with her hair dyed black as midnight and wearing poka dots or black and red … yep I can see that :op

  3. I have been intending to wear purple for years……. (though there are many lovely 70s photos where my mother has forced me into various bri-nylon horrors…..) I think I’ll have to be the oldest goth in town.

  4. Or maybe just equally deranged ones!!!

  5. chaotickitty Says:

    Remember, you are only as old as the man you feel, so go and molest a (willing) teenager 🙂

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