Would you like the full half-hour rant, Madam, or just the ten minutes?


There you go. I am just going to have a little rant now. Had a job interview this morning. To work in a library, which sounds like a life of blissful serene zen-ness compared to what I do now. Seemed to go quite well as well, they even asked me about books, and things I was interested in. Seemed to go down well. Except the point when my present employer rang me in the MIDDLE OF THE INTERVIEW. They had apparently ‘forgotten’ about it and wondered where I was.

The other thing I want to rant about is my birthday. Which is in just over a month, and I am going to be 40. Yuk. You would think that I might want to celebrate it/drown my sorrows in a gallon sized bottle of Jack Daniels. Both of which I guess are true. There is one little problem though. How in hell do I have a party? Mr SC asked me what Mr A had sorted out for my birthday…the answer is a big fat nothing. So what do I do? Organise my own? That is so much fun really when I organise, on the whole, everybody else’s. I haven’t had a party for my birthday since about…..hmmmmm 1988 or so???

I was quite looking forward to the idea of having one now. Unfortunately, there is also nowhere to have it. The Morecambe has closed down, The Honey Tree out of the question after Mr SC’s birthday, and I wouldn’t be seen dead in most places around here, and they wouldn’t put up with us anyway. Our flat would fit approximately 3 people on a good day……and after years of organising parties for everyone else, it seems a bit lame that I have to do my own too. I just don’t see it happening.

So it looks like it’s pretty much cancelled. Unless someone can come up with a better idea……

The job looks like a no-go as well. They said that they would call if I was successful…it’s now 4.55, so I guess that’s out of the question as well.


15 Responses to “Would you like the full half-hour rant, Madam, or just the ten minutes?”

  1. Just a suggestion here – I am hoping to have a picnic later in the year to celebrate the big 50 – most probably at Avebury Stone Circle – could you arrange something like that ?

  2. I’ve always wanted a job at a library! So, now your present employer called you, does that mean you won’t get the job, or you have to wait now?
    And birthdays, ach, I don’t celebrate those for years now already, and it’s not doing me any harm πŸ™‚ Just go somewhere nice with the people you love, a picnic or something. You can make it as cheap or expensive as you want; the people who love you won’t mind if parties are extravagant or not; as long as they can celebrate with you.

  3. Just because nothing has been formally arranged doesn’t mean we can’t all celebrate your birthday somewhere even if a certain italian stallion can’t get off his arse and get something sorted – Don’t worry Cinderella – you will go to the ball – Even if its just for a few drinks πŸ™‚

  4. Still no sign on the job, so basically, I haven’t got it. I guess they appointed an internal candidate, because the interview seemed to go really well, they were really impressed with my qualifications seemingly, yet I still didn’t get it, and there were 2 posts going.

    I was just having a really down day yesterday, when I can’t even get a poxy job that requires 2 GCSEs, and there aren’t any other jobs around here to apply for.

    It was really just because it was my 40th and I didn’t even get a party for my 30th, that I wanted one. It’s just difficult not being able to have one at home at all…..Mr A claimed that he had been maybe going to organise something…..but that he hadn’t yet…….

    The problem with outside parties is of course the weather, and the fact that half of our friends can’t drive to get there, and if we had it on the beach half of the local chav population would fell compelled to lynch us…..

    Just in a grump at the moment- sorry everyone………

  5. chaotickitty Says:

    Sorry you didn’t get the job, working in a library would be great, I’d love to work there too.

    I hope you get a nice party πŸ™‚ Its my 27th on the 4th June and I know I wont get one, but I did have a kick ass 21st at the Chicago Rock Cafe so can’t complain about that! Why don’t we all go for a picnic at Heysham Barrows? Not too many chavs up there.

  6. I had a horrible 21st organised by my parents so that none of my friends could come, and it was full of theirs……

  7. My 18th was horrendous – I had a party at Crystal T’s in Morecambe of all places – I got “free” tickets – I’d also invited my ex-boyfriend hoping to get back with him and he turned up with his new girlfriend!!! plus I deliberately didn’t wear my glasses and consequently couldn’t see anything at all – which combined with the tears made for a delightful combination plus Crystal T’s wasn’t known for its alternative music – it was more your average pick-up club full of under age hormonal teenagers dancing to chart music – Can’t actually believe I did that now!!

    My 21st was a little more grown up but it was full of family not friends mainly because we got engaged that night as well – again it wasn’t really “me” but a compromise

    My 30th involved me being an absolute cow to everyone around me for about 6 months before hand – It didn’t help being the Millennium – I was basically evil incarnate from New Years day onwards – So no party there

    My 40th – Well as I’m 37 this year its a bit of a way off and I’ve no idea what I want to do for that but I know now I’ll want to spend it with friends and that if I wait for my beloved OH to sort it out I’ll be still waiting for it come my 50th!!!

  8. And by the way madam – Do you really think we’d allow you to cancel your birthday – Did we let you cancel your birthday last year? even if we had the police interrupting the proceedings

    I don’t know what we are doing but I do know something will be happening even if we have to come and drag you out of the house

  9. Just really miserable at the moment…don’t know what’s up really…..bit of everything really.

  10. chaotickitty Says:

    *hugs* We all have our bad days/weeks/months/centuries. I am sure it will pass soon, but maybe it needs a little help πŸ™‚

  11. (((((((HUGS)))))))

    Sounds like your ‘week’ has been as long as mine and I don’t have the horrendous hours! I’ve been having difficulty today believing it was only Tuesday, please … it must be Friday … or at least Thursday *begging eyes*.

    I wasn’t there for the fun of your last party but I’m planning to come down for this one, so you’d better invite me lol. I know AD wouldn’t need the help but I’ll help her drag you out if need be :op

  12. Don’t worry, you will be invited!!! Whatever is happening, even if we have to sit around Morecambe Arndale with bottles of Thunderbird!

  13. Something will happen for your birthday, ye foolish goth. Be advised. No more bemoaning a birthdayless future that will NOT come to pass. If your other half doesn’t rise from the sofa to do something, your friends will fill in the gap left by his shame, okay? πŸ™‚

    You will have many happy memories of your 40th. Assuming you stay reasonably conscious for most of it and don’t end up hanging upside down from a chandelier quoting Plath poems and extracts from Bram Stoker’s Dracula…

    Hmm. Actually, that might be fun to see and take pics of. Then display them on our blogs….

    Now, I have a meme for you to start off. I’m calling it Write Me Happy. You have to write a post that ONLY contains references to the things in your life that make you happy, contented, fulfilled, etc etc. NO NEGATIVES. Tell the world some good stuff in your life. At least two decent paragraphs. No one-liners. No snappy sentence and that’s it.

    You end it with the line ‘I have a lot to be grateful for, and I am.’

    And then insist THREE blogging friends do it as well. I suggest you pick other goths and dark souls. It would be nice to see a row of bloggers lit up like Xmas tree lights… x

  14. Ok. as long as there aren’t obligatory pink fluffy bunnies……..

    The chandelier-hanging sounds about normal actually.

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