It’s the end of the world as we blog it…..

I’ve been tagged by Nathalitanis for this one….and she was tagged by Damian to participate in a challenge called Blog Apocalypse, set up by The Urban Monk. Click here to read about it.

The blogosphere is ending. No more blogs. Blog apocalypse. The internet is still working, the world is fine. But you can’t write anymore. Write your last post.
Make it a good one. What is the reason you blog? What is the last gem of knowledge you want to leave? What do you want to be remembered for? Who are you?
What is the meaning of life? Haha…well not exactly but you get the point. Pour your heart into it.

The beauty of participating in this challenge is that The Urban Monk will donate $1 to charity for every link that he receives back.
(Check out his message here)

This is my statement……

“Thank you to everyone in the Blogosphere for all that you have given me in the last two years……

Smiles, laughs, joy, for happy events in the lives of online friends, tears shed at the shared pain of blog friends,. I have smiled on really bad days at cartoons and good news, realised I was not alone in the world when things happened to me, shared them with you, and you in turn have shared with me.

It will leave a hole in my life that you are not there any more at the end of a mouse click, but if this is the bittersweet end, thank you one last time for all you have contributed to my life. I think you will however resurrect, phoenix-like, as something this good will never really disappear…..while there are people out there who wish to share, they will find a way.

Le blog est mort-vive le blog.”

and I tag…..

AmethystDragon@ Musings of a Purple Dragon

Beaut1ful @ myplace

Silent/Fruitbat @ Silent’s World

SunnyD @ city boy goes wild in the country

ChaoticKitty @Kitty’s Ramblings


15 Responses to “It’s the end of the world as we blog it…..”

  1. Excellent article – thanks for sharing the article and the ‘link love’.

    I think it is great how everyone has been so inspired by this ‘tag’ and I’ve been making a point of reading as many replies as possible.

    There is so much Love and Light in the Community of Blog and I’m loving being a prt of it.

    Take care and BE the change


  2. I agree with Damien, this challenge creates so many beautiful entries. Your also gave me goosebumps 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone, just thought it was an excellent idea, and it makes you think about what blogging actually means to you if you can visualise not having it any more….

  4. […] is a wonderful thought and one that will take a moment to ponder….. The answer is not 42. (Have been listening to Hitch hikers…) So check back Very soon […]

  5. great post – now I shall have to go and check out all the others!

  6. Been awandering reading some of the posts already done on this … some really good, interesting ones out there … makes me feel even more arghhhy about doing this myself … will think on a bit, wont be posting it tonight :o)

  7. Hey thanks for participating, and yes I agree there have been some awesome posts in the Blog Apoc. I expected a lot of cynical one or two sentence entries to get linkbacks, but a lot of people have really put their heart into it. We’ve also had some funny entries. This meme is still going strong, and I expect we’ll get more quality posts like yours coming in. Thanks!

  8. […] Blogosphere is Ending! April 20, 2007 at 8:58 pm | In Meme, Blogroll, FUN | I got Tagged by Khlari! She was tagged by Nathalitanis but this meme originated with The Urban Monk who explains his […]

  9. Arghhhh WHO am I supposed to TAG … it looks as though you got everyone who wasn’t already got!!! I’m gonna have to tag people I barely know!

  10. They liked him…that’s almost scarier….

  11. I just posted my own blog apocalypse. No idea where the idea came from, but I went with it immediately and have produced probably my strangest blog entry ever… where I give Eminem and his cohorts a rap run for their money… Yes, really… x

  12. I was also tagged by Nathalie. I love your entry!
    Btw, I added your blog to my GoogleReader.

  13. Thanks Tink…If I can work out how it works, will do the same (cyber pagan techno-bimbo here!)

  14. […] I finally finished our travels in Belgium – I can play catch up – I got Tagged by Khlari a while back for this. She was tagged by Nathalitanis but this meme originated with The Urban Monk […]

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