Can you become an anti-trainspotter?

??? What I mean is that I would be quite happy if I never saw another train again. Ever. Either that or any of the trains I saw to be guaranteed to run properly, or even work properly…. When it’s not repairing the track, it’s something wrong with the train.Am going to counselling through work, for which I have to go to Preston, 17 minutes away by train…not too bad you would think. Counselling went well, and left yesterday at 5.00, just missed a train and then the 17.31 was due…tried to get on it. The doors wouldn’t open. Began to think it was all an evil plot hatched by HWCBN- it was one of his damn trains…. (the new class 185- see, spent too long living with a train freak). Then they opened, let us on, closed…and we sat there. For 20 minutes.

Another train to Lancaster was announced, and we all tried to get off-to no avail. Now the doors wouldn’t open…..50 minutes down the line, and we were stuck in Preston station. Finally opened the doors…and kicked us all off to take us on a wild goose chase around the station-here, there, this train will be splitting to go to Barrow and Blackpool…no it won’t yes it will, no it won’t…..then there was ‘a problem with the track in front of the train…….(and yes, was yet another of HWCBN’s ‘trains’……) finally got into Lancaster at 18.45, ran for the Morecambe train….which was delayed. Back to my house for 19.30, a journey time of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

I could have gone from Paris to London on a Eurostar in that time. After that I needed the counselling again.

Apart from that, a mixed few days. Had a hideous migraine from Thursday to Saturday, so not at work Friday…..felt like death. Mr A big sweetie, Friday bought me flowers in a bunch so large they were almost as big as I was… Filled all the vases in the house. Saturday morning Mr A finally took me off to Heysham for a potter (me in shades still going ow) (this is after I had seen the stone graves on TV before ever seeing them in real life and it’s only up the road…..) As it was sunny, the view was gorgeous.

Saturday afternoon and evening was the Brigantii Moot meeting….was still a little fragile but cheered up after AD and OH presnted me with a bottle of JD and a bottle of Drambuie for Mr A, after their recent Belgian adventures…..Mr SC and D were down too, as were Silent/Fruitbat and Beaut1ful, all enjoying ourselves so much in AD’s sunny garden, admiring her new gazebo, we had to be dragged to the pub (now there’s a first). A good moot was had by all, don’t know what the very straight locals in our new venue thought…and back to AD’s, leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning…..

Yesterday also got annoying email from stupid ex-husband’s lawyer asking me when my case was happening in the courts here…. surely he should know? It was his client who didn’t bother to show not me…and he is supposedly a lawyer (though apparently in International Shipping Law…)

Replied with thinly vailed disdain that it was on 2 May…I din’t tell him where, he didn’t ask that. Me to know, him to find out. Also carefully mentioned that hadn’t yet sued his client for damages as recommended by the French courts, but I might be tempted to if he messes this up again…..and that his infringement on my life after nearly 5 years apart was getting to the point that it was tantamount to harrassment…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yes, finally have a decree nisi date, followed by the absolute just in time for my birthday…..only heard on Saturday myself.

Now just have to see if my useless ex is going to mess it all up again for me…so near, yet till I have that piece of paper in my hand, so far…………………..

Going to reclaim small child this weekend as well. The moment of truth, parents meet Mr A time. It’s only been nearly a year. AAAGH. It’s like being 15 again. We are driving down on Friday in Tigger, not staying at parents though to avoid their killer single spare bed, we are staying at Matt and Kali’s for some semblance of sanity (and so I don’t have to go through the are-you-sharing-a-bed-argument with my mother, yes, I am 39 but it doesn’t change). Then Saturday morning round to parents to get small child…. and drink tea, and eat cake, and receive the Spanish Inquisition. My father will either love him or hate him, they are far too similar. Oh dear……what a weekend.

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8 Responses to “Can you become an anti-trainspotter?”

  1. Will keep my fingers crossed for you on getting that elusive bit of paper – it is a nerve wrecking six weeks.

  2. I sympathise re: trains. Especially getting stuck on the particularly grim Preston station. x

  3. Dastardly plot by HWCBN I’ll bet…..

  4. Please don’t I have to go via preston next week – but I do definatly sympathise, having spent a good part of the last 6 months stuck at the fault of Virgin Trains, or GNER none of which are any better than the other.

    Good luck on Saturday, I will be thinking of you!!

  5. hey there,

    glad you like my ’24hoursfromdalston’ postcard, but
    if you’re going to hotlink my pictures, at least give me a link,k…


  6. TrashCanDan Says:

    At least it’s better than the public transportation here!!!

  7. Hi Shardcore…as a native of sunny Dalston, it made me laugh…link duly done!

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