Are the penguins passe?

The penguins have, it seems maybe, had their day. From the 700 or so people looking at One by One the Penguins are Stealing my Sanity, A Peculiarity of Penguins, and What is it With the Penguins, have slowed to a mere trickle…..strangest thing is, I still have no idea why they were looking at them in the first place……..


5 Responses to “Are the penguins passe?”

  1. Please let that fad be over?

  2. Hahaha! Yeah but why were those entries so popular, and why did they become so long after K first posted them? It’s weird…. x

  3. Weirdcentral :o)

    …. but isn’t that par for the course amongst our lot? lol

  4. No. The world is weird. We just acknowledge it and don’t pretend otherwise. 🙂

  5. Maybe it is a seasonal thing ?

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