Wahey! Old Bat Goths Come Out To Play!

(For those of you who don’t know- above, me and my little brother pre-slimelight)

Off to London tomorrow, a fact that is amazingly unexciting when that’s where you actually come from…off to take M____ down to my parents for the Easter Hols. As usual, trains are completely bananas over the holiday weekend so I have to come back on Saturday via Leeds and Outer Mongolia….they wanted me to come back via Marylebone, Reading and Birmingham. I’m a Londoner, and I don’t even know here Marylebone station IS…I have never in 39 years caught a train from it, so I’m not about to start now! The trains were even worse on a Sunday……

SO….am off to my mother’s in the morning to take small monster to her doting grandparents…spoke to my brother’s girlfriend last night though…and she told me that the whole Gothic Scooby Gang are out to play in London Friday night, Inferno at The Electric Ballroom…..hmmm tempting.

How ridiculous is this, I then have to ring mother and ASK if I can go…(remember, I’m 39…). “Please Mum, all my friends are out and I haven’t seen them in 2 1/2 years, pretty please…” She relents, so I am out to play with the gothic girls and boys !!! Get the glad rags out……just wish I hadn’t booked on the 10.55 train now…….


4 Responses to “Wahey! Old Bat Goths Come Out To Play!”

  1. What a fun picture! Have fun in London!

  2. Have Load and Loads of FUN … just remember to set the alarm for the morning lol … oh … and triple check what time the train is going :oP

  3. Have a great time sweetie, and yes check the reservations! I hope that you get the chance to go to the old stoming grounds of East london – say hello to London for me!!


  4. TrashCanDan Says:

    Have fun! I should post pictures of me when I worked in a goth club sometime.

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