Almost-Happy-Birthday-to My Blog

Two years! (Well, it will be on the 9th but I’m letting it celebrate a little early as I’ll be away…) Two years of utter drivel and delusional gothic rubbish disseminated over the net. You can thank Mr Spicy Cauldron for all of this, his part in your downfall, by encouraging me to set this up, first on Blogger and now on WordPress. Actually, he set it up as I, the techno-bimbo had no idea of how to do it….
here’s his welcome to the world of blogging…

Happy Birthday little Bloglet…Happy Birthday to you!


3 Responses to “Almost-Happy-Birthday-to My Blog”

  1. Yes there is a lot Mr SC is responsible for – and I think getting all of his most loved friends on the web is a good thing, you have always kept us up to date with love, life and everything else over the last two years, keep it up hon


  2. Happy blogging birthday! x

  3. Ooops missed ‘the’ day … happy belated blog birthday :o)

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