What is it with the penguins????

Do you remember the news that my ridiculous penguin post got the most readers ever…a post from months ago called One by One the Penguins are Stealing my Sanity, and its follow-up A Peculiarity of Penguins

Well, yesterday it more than doubled that….this is getting increasingly worrying…who are these penguin obsessives? What do they want with my blog? Why me??? I’m getting slightly paranoid and amazingly curious about this one…..


3 Responses to “What is it with the penguins????”

  1. Very worrying indeed. First they shocked the world by dancing, and now they have taken over our internet… where does it stop?!

    Penguin invasion…

  2. Maybe they are just nuns in disguise…..? Or some alien force slowly inflitrating our cute black and white wildlife?????

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