Chinese prejudice against mouthy goths!!!

It’s official…according to Mr Spicy Cauldron– and I’ve checked- I am banned in China!

Spicy’s article

Great Firewall of China

I’m mightily glad about that. It’s good to be banned. At least I know that I don’t somehow, and bizarrely win the approval of a backward and totalitarian state. It might be the vampires they don’t like- or they have an irrational prejudice against that fair stretch of the Lancashire Riviera called Morecambe…but it might just be from last year when HWCBN was trying to cyber-gag me by preventing me from saying anything about him on my blog, even though it was legally (even according to the smirking policeman that told me) very dodgy ground, and I was defending the liberty of free speech. This might have upset them a little, I guess.

That leads me to wonder if in that case, China is afraid of Goths under the bed????


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