Tantrums,Tortured Timewarps, Police and Peking Duck….the many misadventures of a single weekend.

Well, I now firmly believe in hibernation. I really should have stayed in bed this weekend. In fact, I wish I was now.

Yet it started off so full of promise, and I had been looking forward to it for ages……. It was Mr SC’s Birthday, and a whole weekend of planned jollity was ahead of me…….

Friday, and off to see the Rocky Horror Show. My friend Sal was due to come from Stockport with her daughter and we were all going to dress up and be generally silly. First of all Sal rings, her daughter has been sick all night and it’s now suspected chickenpox. So I took Friday off for nothing…..then have to find someone else who wants the ticket……Silent agrees, so Mr A (who didn’t alas sport suspenders and stockings) and my Magenta’d becloaked self go off to AD’s to find a Willow and a Silent to take. Willow is corested and tutu’d, and after some fun moments getting into the car (it’s a 2 door…) AD assures us she is just behind with OH, D, and the Birthday Boy. We get to the theatre…and wait, and wait, and wait….. still no AD and Co. Small problem is that D has ordered the tickets….and he’s with AD. Willow has brainwave and abuses her card to get the tickets….end up having to leave them on the door. They arrive just at the start of the show.

Now, I have seen the Rocky Horror Show 28 times….. but never anywhere so ridiculously cramped. We were in the dress circle, and even MY knees touched the seat in front…and I’m a dwarf, remember. AD, Silent, Mr A and all the tall people had their knees around their ears…. Timewarping nigh-on impossible, which is the whole point….. and then no bar open and hiking 15 miles for a fag…..grrrrr.

Performance was impeccable though, David Bedella made a rather good Frank, and Russell Grant a surprisingly inventive narrator……

So after all that, we just had to go back to AD’s and get very drunk…it was only right! Crawled home at 5am….Mr A already in bed for hours as he had work in the morning……

Had to get up as Sal finally showed, so far so good, then pottered about with the kids. The table was booked for a chinese restaurant that night. I had booked it 3 weeks previously, asking to be upstairs as there were going to be 20-something of us including many kids…..and as it was a birthday, we were likely to be noisy…………


2 Responses to “Tantrums,Tortured Timewarps, Police and Peking Duck….the many misadventures of a single weekend.”

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was FABULOUS :o) It was the first time I’d seen it apart from on the small screen …. You were MAGNIFICENT as Magenta honey :o)

    Someone commented on the fact that Russel Grant seemed to be reading his script and tut tutted that he’d not learnt his words (he did some brill interacting with the audience) but he was on the radio this evening doing the stars thing … he watched Saturday evenings lunar eclipse on the motorway having left his last show at Preston … he only did it for one week!

    It was a brill night at AD’s … yep we got very drunk and seeing as there was no raucous pub music playing we talked for hours about all sorts … totally brill :o)

  2. […] you can usually guarantee that there will be at least one if not more on any social occasion (see Mr SC’s birthday, for […]

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