Tantrums,Tortured Timewarps, Police and Peking Duck….the many misadventures of a single weekend#2

So we arrived in the restaurant. To find a small table downstairs. There was no way we were going to fit, especially as it was cramped, and we have several generously proportioned and tall people to say the least. So I went to complain- and Mr A went home and left me. Because I complained. Little did I know the woman who was quite rude to me knew his mother. So that was my evening ruined anyway.

Finally managed to get upstairs, then even thugh we asked for them to be fed first, 2 1/2 hours later the kids were crying as they still hadn’t been fed. Then S____ who is diabetic, could take it no more either…… This time it wasn’t me, I couldn’t take any more. I let someone else shout….. Maybe it was all the Rose I had drunk though……

Back home to try and get Mr A out and to take now very tired children back to sleep. One very loud argument later, we were going to the pub…..where he sat as far away from me as possible, with no space near him.

Hadn’t finished yet though….. OH, Silent, C___ and Sal had decided to walk and look at the eclipse…..a convoluted story of children, softhearted Stockport inhabitants, mobile phones and slapping later, the police arrived with a mad story…. They had tried to help 2 girls, one ran off with the money they gave and then the girls rang the police…oh this gets better by the minute.

Went home, and got so ignored, just went to bed. Next time, I’m hibernating…….for weeks…..


9 Responses to “Tantrums,Tortured Timewarps, Police and Peking Duck….the many misadventures of a single weekend#2”

  1. chaotickitty Says:

    Sounds like a hell of a weekend, and not in a good way. Hope MrA has stopped suking and is keeping you nice and warm there. If not, you have my MSN… 😛

  2. Huggles hun … you know where I am. Just remember that even with all the drama we had SC had an utterly fabulous birthday weekend … well until he woke up on Sunday morning anyway he he he

  3. He’s probably still playing with his toys……

  4. Nah – He isnt very well – he started with the flu-like bug that D had on Sunday evening – Became full blown manflu on Monday apparantly – My OH and son started with it last night and I now have 2 invalids groaning at home – I just hope I don’t start with it – I haven’t time to be ill

  5. Know the problem…….

  6. Hope all man-flu victims recover in double quick time and no one else succumbs!

  7. Damecles Says:

    n i have a moo with the same symptoms
    but worse as its bird flu
    hope shes well by the weekend….

  8. Tell Woo if she doesn’t get better soon there will be no fluffy things for her at the weekend…..(and I don’t mean Damecles….). Secondly, no birthday woosing out allowed! Bird flu indeed…..

  9. I would seem that I am a indeed a carrier of wepons of mass distruction – I am so sorry to all. I will be in hiding until the Whitehouse stop looking for me………

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