Post-Bakewell Tarts and Birthday Cakes…..

Life never gets any quieter though, does it. The last few weeks since the adventure haven’t got any quieter though, life is constantly manic it seems. Hurrah though now have return of the Affidavit of Deemed Service, seems the judge also believes my husband did receive the demand, so yesterday signed yet another affidavit and at last a real petition for divorce, and whizzed it off to London….just have to wait now! Might actually have a divorce as my 40th birthday present, not before time!

Apart from that…now work three floors down from the team I work with so have to go up and down stairs fifteen times daily, all the paperwork is upstairs…and I answer the phone for a different team entirely. And they are disciplining me. Result of which, I spent all last night ill, puking, clammy, but I am at work. We are, apparently, not allowed to be ill. Ever. Whatever happens to us….come hell, high water, family breakup or major trauma…. but they do have different rules for broken limbs…. so you can have a nervous breakdown and be expected to show, but break your leg and you’re fine…… I have given up trying to understand…..

Apart from that have been writing supporting letters for friends adoption applications, rushing around getting soaked to get them in on time…..

Life really never slows down, and is Mr Spicy Cauldron’s birthday to top it all……Happy Birthday oh Ancient One (it’s me next!) May the good fairy bring you many Dr Who goodies and sexy assistants to help you assemble them……


3 Responses to “Post-Bakewell Tarts and Birthday Cakes…..”

  1. … look on the bright side … (tongue in cheek) you’ll be able to eat as much cake etc as you like going up and down those stairs so much!


  2. chaotickitty Says:

    I can’t believe that they are disciplining you over this. Do they have no heart at all… Oh, of course not, they are management.

    Meh, they are bastards. You know we love you though 🙂

  3. Not feeling very loved at the moment, if it’s not one thing it’s another…… now set for next Monday…..

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