Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #8

Waking up in the cold grey light of a February morning in Birmingham. Grabbed breakfast and off we went to Morecambe. Crawled back in at about 11am, then I went off to AD’s to pick up M______, the cause of this pilgrimage. Don’t you just love children. ‘Hello Mummy’ it says ‘I’m happy you’re back but I don’t want to go home now as I’m playing with Boogyboo and we’re making wands’. Great. I have missed the little…darling, and all she wants is for me to go away!

AD’s living room packed with an AD, an OH, a Willow, a SpicyCauldron and D, and a Silent, so have many brews and hugs

and catch them up wth the news, until am banished home to sleep by AD with a promise she will deliver a monster later, after they have all been up to run around like lunatics at Heysham (children that is).

Gratefully go home and slump with Mr A, until overexcited little monster reappears. Unfortunately we are having a bedroom tidiness isssue (lack of to point that it is an obstacle course), so end up spending my one day of rest on Monday being big bad mummy again. She likes the presents though, and it’s good to be home.

Back to work on the Tuesday with everyone doing the ersatz smiles and ‘how did it goes’…cheesy grin cheesy grin. Then I am told, despite doing the phased return as I was asked to do in order to avoid the disciplinary…I am still going to have a disciplinary anyway. welcome back to the caring sharing world of where I work.


2 Responses to “Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #8”

  1. j;ajfaif;oasidgl;dasgnhlksdf;aldksh to them then!!!

    Aren’t children lovely … though to be fair M____ did give you a big hug and was VERY pleased that you were back home again.

    Just goes to show what a well adjusted young person M____, is that once she knew you were back she didn’t need to cling but was happy to play with her friends :o)

  2. Children….bahh couldn’t eat a whole one! I did miss her though!

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