Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #7

He was getting more and more greenish by the minute…….then ran. The hour and a half trip became a symphony of running up and down between the deck and the loo……When we finally got off at Dover, we then had the joy of being stopped by customs (for the third time this trip………). I have never ever been stopped before (except for on emabarrasssing strip-search incident at Manchester in the late 80s, but I blame that one on the person with whom I was travelling), but Mr A says this happens to him all the time, apparently.

As we drove out of Dover, it was still only 11pm, and Mr A said that if we did back to Morecambe in the same time we had down, we could be home in bed for 5am……sounded good to me, just wanted to get home.

It was still raining as we hit the motorway, and it carried on….heavier, and heavier, and heavier……It was becoming really hard to see anything, and the section around the M25 had me looking at the map fifteeen times as I figured we could have driven to Edinburgh in the time that it took…..We had considered popping to crash my brother’s birthday as we passed London near-enough, but by the time we had got there they would all have been too drunk to make any sense…….on, and on, until we hit Birmingham…that’s where the trouble began, Birmingham ring road……we were negotiating it at about 25mph in the dark and driving rain. Our eyes were hurting with the strain of seeing where the hell we were trying to go. We couldn’t take any more, by now it was 5am. Stopped at a service station where Mr A made me a ‘nest’ in the boot, and finally nodded off. Ignoring him saying I bore a resemblance to an Ewok, or a Hobbit. Just praying that we didn’t get fined for doing it, as everywhere we stopped had maximum parking times…thought they were ‘rest areas’?

Woken up eventually by a grey Brummie dawn, and a curoius bloke noisily emptying the bins……. a coffee, then onward, up north. On to ‘sunny’ Morecambe……


4 Responses to “Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #7”

  1. What a narrative, what an adventure – I hope you both had a jolly good rest 😉

  2. I wish….straight back to work or else……

  3. These posts have been a wonderful documentary record of your journey and what happened along the way, and at your destination! x

  4. A kind of surreal road-trip diary!

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