Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #6

Apologies Sorry for the halting nature of this narrative…….my bane-of-my-life PC is again ailing and in PC hospital as we speak….yes, the one that went wrong just out of guarantee, had shower gel poured in it, required a total rebuild including new motherboard and processor, and is STILL going wrong………………..aaaagh.

So where was I? Oh yes, getting lost on the way to Calais…..just as we entered the Somme again from the Aisne, torrential darn rain…..horizontal into the windscreen, winds nearly blowing Tigger off of the road….up into the Pas-de-Calais, where it got worse if anything…….We were going to stop in Calais on a present and nice food run to the hypermarkets, but a bit later we suddnly found ourselves pulling into passport control and it was too late. Whoops.

Bang goes my smelly cheese and Petits Lu. And wine, and Mayonnaise du Dijon……

So we get on an earlier ferry…As we get on, it is a little wobbly. Getting a cup of coffee I ask the bar guy how choppy it is out there… ‘comme-ci, comme-ca’. Now, I don’t get seasick, never have done. Arrgh Jim-lad, ’tis cos my family ‘as all bin mariners and I have me sea-legs. Remember going on boats before I could walk. Unfortunately, is rapidly becoming clear that Mr A doesn’t by the slightly luminous green hue of his face…..


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