Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #2

So we went back and made ourselves look halfway decent and then actually went for a nice meal in a restaurant…which is where Mr A began his problematic relationship with French food. It was quite a pretentious little resto on the bay, they were just about to patronise us on the way in when they realised I was speaking French…..but we did get sideways looks from all the BCBGs Parisiens at the tables around…… (just because we were dodgy looking English goths…)

Mr A wasn’t too sure about any of it really…..this one was all a bit nouvelle cuisine, so once we had taken out anything he could eat with a milk allergy, everything else appeared to have Polenta with it…his pet hate. Doing well…..however, we drank a bit of wine and got a bit nicely squiffy, and fell back home…………

Next day dawned bright and sunny and Mr A embarked on his plan to make me walk all around town. We died a reconnaisance sortie on the court (duh, predictably impressive white building with ‘Court’written on the front). I did however fall victim to an attack by my favourite shop (from when I lived there),as they were having a big sale it would have been absolutely criminal not to……so I did…..a further attack of Monoprix for M_____ followed. That made me feel a bit better for the walking…..

Dumped everything back, then went back into town to find some lunch- I lived in S d’O for nearly a year, and this is where I realised that I didn’t know any of it at all. I saw more in this three days with Mr A than I ever saw in a year with D_____ my ex-husband. We got the little ferry over to La Ch, the other part of town- where I had never yet been. I got to introduce Mr A to the joy of Galettes. He said that his Mum’s were better. But he ate them…..

Then decided to take a bus trip out to O s M, where I replenished my French CD collection…wahay! But I was really getting more and more nervous by the minute. Was trying to do the la la la in my head to block out the thought that I would have to go to court in the morning…..

Mr A then decided that it would be a good idea to walk back. Why do I always wear silly boots? Ow ow ow. Collapsed back into the hotel, wishing I could chop own feet off, then to pacify the now ‘starving to death’ Mr A, decided we would go to an Italian restaurant to make him happy……..

Bad move. Possibly the worst dinner I have ever eaten. If they were Italian, then I am Queen Marie of Romania. Much more wine drunk than dinner eaten. Staggered back for bath and bed before the big day, and then discovered the minibar…which I then drank in the bath whilst phoning AD…..yay minibar. Mr A just found this radically amusing……


One Response to “Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #2”

  1. I can just picture you in the bath … covered with bubbles, a line of mini bottles along the edge, yattering away six to the dozen to AD :o)

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