Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #1

This is going to have to be in chapters, as there’s quite a lot to say really……………It has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.

On Tuesday we left in our £495.00 banger, now christened Tigger, direction La Belle France…….Couldn’t go till lunchtime as Mr A had to work until then…..headed off by a most bizarre route, Birmingham, Oxford, skirted around London, and finally arrived at Dover early enough to catch the ferry before the one we were due to catch….

The Channel was like a millpond and we were making good time despite the arcane instructions from the AA which did the helpful thing of not telling you where the motorway’s final destination was when you were looking for it….everything fine till we got to the Rouen ringroad then, where I blithely followed the signs for the A28…..and began to get a feeling something was going very very wrong indeed…just a sense…then I noticed the sign to Mantes-la -Jolie and realised we had in fact gone the wrong way…..for about a hundred kilometres, towards Paris rather than Le Mans and Angers……oops. Cue big row whilst we tried to find our way back. Stopping for coffe was getting pointless, even mainlining Red Bull wasn’t going to do the trick…..eventually stopped at services where they confirmed the worst….. attempted to sleep at services….

I had brought pillows and covers, yes the car was packed but we were glad of them…it was sub-zero out there……managed to get a couple of hours and marginally restore sanity, then off again…….Hey ho and off to S d’O we go………

Fortunately we didn’t get lost again, though we did somehow go to Le Mans on the longest and wiggliest Nationale ever…..but they had finally finished the motorway to S d’O so avoided that wiggly A road. Mr A began dying of starvation, so had to stop so he could have his two dinners, which he ate…….Eventually arrived at about 4 o’clock, a journey of about 28 hours non-stop…we nearly fell out of the car when we got to the hotel…….

Was seized with apprehension as we drove into S d’O. I hadn’t been there since I left in February 2003 with four bags and a small child at 4.30 in the morning…… It was strange to be back in a place which I quite honestly thought that I would never see again. I only had bad memories of this town, it had started when we passed the school where I used to work in La R s Y, and kept building as we drove into town. It was a creeping this-is-where-bad-things used to-happen feeling……….. Finally got to S d’O and booked into the hotel, which was tiny, and looked out over the bay, where the Atlantic was crashing in……….

Mr A then made me walk around town, take him up to the centre, around the little winding back-streets, round the candy-coloured Remblais…… He found his way around much easier than I did, it was almost like my brain was blocking out any memory that I had of the place…..


3 Responses to “Catastrophes, Courts, Road Trips, Rain, Rouen and Bakewell Tarts #1”

  1. Lol – I can just imagine the pleas “hunnngryyy” “hunnngrryyy – need food now!!!”

    wots a Remblais?

  2. To be continued? I’m glad you’re back and safe. Hopefully, it won’t be three years between serials. 🙂

  3. Home, safe just having to write this outside home…tbc today!

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