and Finally!

Thanks to following D’s advice and contacting my MEP, someone is FINALLY taking interest in this case! I got an email from the MEP yesterday…not only is he trying to do something about it himself, he has passed it on to Harriet Harman at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, saying that it is the latest in a line of similar cases and that something must be done urgently, and is discussing it with French MEPs in Brussels today!

Amazing how things can move when someone takes an interest….


9 Responses to “and Finally!”

  1. Thats wonderful news – Lets hope things start to move in the right direction for you

  2. Fingers, toes, and any other crossable part of me crossed

  3. Hurrah! I’m so glad. It’s good to get senior politicians involved in these things. x

  4. Famous in my own lunch hour…it just might lead to a general ruling or a mutual assistance treaty though, so other people don’t have to suffer all of this!

  5. Keeping everything crossed too, hope it does lead to a general ruling or a mutual assistance treaty.

    Sending more hugs too :o)

  6. So do I, just so that people don’t have to go through what I am going through ever again……..

  7. What fantastic news 🙂

    Brightest blessings X

  8. Brilliant! Movement at last!

  9. Here’s hoping that they might actually do something in time!

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