Anon of Nowheresville….

Some of the more observant amongst you may note that I have anonymised my blog somewhat. This is just in case someone is trying to look me up, given what is going on at the moment……….

Given some of the hassle that Mr Spicy C has had regarding blog content, i felt it might be better to be safe than sorry.

Back at work today. Obviously doing an absolutely sterling job with my mind on the task……..


7 Responses to “Anon of Nowheresville….”

  1. More Huggles cos you deserve them :o)

  2. Thanks Hon….could do with them at the moment!

  3. Glad you took the advice! You never know who’s got an agenda and is looking for reasons to have a go at you! x

  4. and here I am, a year later with my job still on the line because of this……wonders will never cease….

  5. Just the usual thought police…..

  6. I had a mad moment and thought you might have written about some ‘inspiring leadership’ ths week… *snigger*… You know what THAT’S all about… :-)))))

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