Channel 4, Child Abduction and Caring, Sharing Employers.

Ho ho ho and it’s another fun day in our household……..

There was a report last night on Channel 4 News about people in my situation, the ones that The Hague Convention can oblige to return to their ‘Country of Habitual Residence’, and it showed two women who had indeed been arrested and ‘returned’ to their adoptive countries with no means of support or family to help… then went on to explain that the behaviour of the partners was not called into question and that the courts were just interested in ‘returning’ the children…….and the British Courts did so in 84% of cases, more than any other signatory…… They also explained that with the amount of mixed marriages, this was becoming more and more common, and yet there was still no money and no-one to help us at all. The Convention was apparently designed for when 3rd parties abduct children, but no-one had thought of this side, yet they were not changing it. How reassuring that is. Made me ever more apprehensive and sleepless. I then went on the Channel 4 website. No information at all. Loads about the despicable Jade and Big Brother, but nothing about this. Finally magaed to post on the C4 Forums…but no-one is looking at that either.

THEN work had called. Wanted to see me today. So, met up with boss today. Great. If I take 4 more days of sick leave, I will have no job to come back to, despite what is happening. I will be on a stage 2 disciplinary and cut to half-pay. UNLESS I at least agree to return for half-time next week, despite the state of my head. Caring, sharing employers. Have to use all my annual leave to go to France like it was a damn holiday or something, and like I really wanted to go……. Their statutes cannot deal with this kind of thing. Strange really, have finally finished probation but all this because I am technically and only just in the first year of employment. Strange really, as colleagues have had months off, and even a year in one case….and kept their jobs. It never rains but it pours.


10 Responses to “Channel 4, Child Abduction and Caring, Sharing Employers.”

  1. Kali Arisi Says:

    Hey Khlari

    I’m speechless, are people so heartless? Who are this people you work for?
    I’m so angry with the injustice, it makes me sick! Sorry, i know it does not help…but that’s the way i react when i care about someone.
    I’ve just wrote a comment on your blog about the whole thing…on the 17th January…

    M___ tried to talk to you mom, but it was hard with your dad there.


  2. Fudgecakes … my post went into the whatsit cos I disconnected as I posted … humph

    Anyhoooo as I said blippety blip blip blippers they are!

    Hugs Khlari, I believe in you, you can do this even with your ‘caring’ employers being so ‘helpful’.

    Your A is there with/for you and we’re here for you too.

    Hugs to you and M______

  3. Yep, and to show the level of public inteest, so far nobody has written anything on the C4 Forum about this…..

    While the Big Brother ones get hundreds. Sad really, shows what concerns people in life…..

  4. chaotickitty Says:


    This must be a really shitty time for you, and I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it all go away. But sadly I cant, so just know that I am thinking about you and sending positive thoughts in your direction.

  5. Can’t seem to find the thread you started on the Channel 4 website – can you remember which forum it was and what you called it ?

  6. Yep, for some reason, it has been taken off……..obviously less important than Big Brother……

  7. It was on the News Forum, called Expat to Exile -The Hague Convention.

  8. Thinking of you X

  9. Sorry everyone for the slight censorship, but it was brought to my attention that if scary ex was trawling the net for me, he would be pretty likely to pick up on mine and M_______’s name…….

  10. Very good point there :o/

    thinking of you and sending y’all hugs

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