Diary of being obliged to fight to keep your own child #2

Still here, still being pushed from pillar to post. Contacted the MP today, to find that she is not having any surgeries in the constituency in the near future. Spoke to an advisor, who told me he would have to ring the House of Commons for advice. Then rang back to tell me that the person he needed was in a meeting, and would have to ring me back. Still going nowhere then…..

Have also tried to contact the Legal Services Commission, the people who regulate Legal Aid. They don’t take phone calls. Or email enquiries relating to personal cases. What do they do exactly then, you may ask. Emailed them anyway. Anything is worth a try at this point…….


3 Responses to “Diary of being obliged to fight to keep your own child #2”

  1. HUGE HUGS hun … hope they reply!

  2. http://www.eurolabour.org.uk/labmepsingle.asp?fname=Gary&lname=Titley%20MEP

    This is your MEP dear, they should have more clout!

    Love you so much dear.


  3. You are always in my thoughts at the moment. I am sending all positives your way, my friend. And praying for justice. x

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