Yes, I may be silent (or a fruitbat) but I’m still (hanging) around…..

Yes., I know I’ve been a little silent of late, but all hell has broken loose on the mad ex-husband front, as he has now applied to get custody of Morgane, and I’m having a hell of a time trying to get anyone to handle this, so ended up having to go back to my old solicitor in London yesterday……..

I’m trying like mad not to have to go back to France to deal with this, I have been summonsed for 9 February, but I have a feeling it’s just a pretext to get me arrested on a child- kidnapping ‘sequestration d’enfant’ and abandonment of marital home ‘abandonment du domicile maritale’ charge……

I’m sorry about being a litte off, but I now have to prepare a 30-odd page court statement in French legalese to try and avoid going, which is raking up a lot of things which I’d quite firmly buried in the past where I thought they would stay…until now.

Work isn’t helping…help other people’s children all day long, but for them mine is firmly at the bottom of the list…. I’m just too damn literate and well qualified. No hordes of Social Workers and support staff rushing to my aid, I’m afraid, even the work-based counsellor has a 10-week waiting list.

Even though I am supposed to be the sane, strong one, this is all a bit too much too put up with, but no-one ever believes me when I say I’m cracking up, I’m far too sensible ….maybe I should run around Dalton Square naked, or pretend to take an overdose…what does it take around here for anyone to take this seriously? I can see it happening to me, yet because I can explain it, it’s not there????

Not sleeping, haven’t been able to for weeks, hard to concentrate, I am a crotchety old fruitbat indeed……


7 Responses to “Yes, I may be silent (or a fruitbat) but I’m still (hanging) around…..”

  1. chaotickitty Says:

    Thats awful 😦 I hope thing work out for you and M________. I dont know how long you guys have been apart, but why do men do these things, out of the blue suddenly deciding that after years of not being that interested they suddenly want their kids.

    If you do run around Dalton Square naked can I have pictures please.

  2. Sending you some good energy, a bucket full of patience and some good old fashioned determination ………….. good luck – dont let the b***ard grind you down.

  3. Loads and Loads of HUGE HUGS hun, I’ve no way of properly understanding what you’re going through cos I’ve never been in any situation like it but if you want to off-load, or talk about something totally different, I’m here for you hun, you’ve got my contact details.

    I’d love to be able to offer practical advice but I send positive energy, love and hugs instead.


  4. Likewise I echo Beautiful’s comments and satement – I also have no prior understanding of the situation. I can’t offer much in the way of help, but likewise if you want to unload…


  5. Thanks everyone for your words of support.

    Just absolutely doing my own head in writing the report of all the terrible things I have been trying to forget for the last four years in the language that still makes me cry…..

    Then I have to do it all again in English…….

    I’m pretty determined usually……but I think it might be running out. I’m just sick of fighting.

    So if i’m a bit incommunicado…sorry!

  6. No problem hun, you just focus on doing what you need to … and yes you can, you’ve got more stubborn-stick-to-it-ness than the average person :o)

  7. Sends you some more determination ………. hang on in there X

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