Tagged tagged tagged. Top 10 annoyances of 2006

1. Punch Inns for ruining my social life, and other peoples’ homes and livelihoods……..in memoriam to the Morecambe Hotel

2. So called clothes-redesigners. People with stanley knives who take it upon themselves to mete out a so-called justice on other peoples’ possessions.

3. George W Bush and Tony Blair. For making the news so amazingly depressing, and for playing god in other peoples’ countries.

4. Ignorant, uninformed people who insist on believing that their realities are ‘right’ and insist on inflicting them on everyone else.

5. Positively anyone who referres to me as ‘The Bride of Dracula’ or Witchie-Poo without being my friend. Just let them wait till I start calling them ugly fat b***ar* in return…only joking, love.

6.Depressing TV reality and ‘talent’ shows. Whatever happened to proper television dramas…. nasty cheap programming for idiots, the dumbing down of the population.

7. The weather. Typical. When I’m at work, we have a heatwave, the minute the school holidays arrive, it pours it down and you are surrounded by squealing bored children who won’t go out in the rain.

8. Morecambe Beach, or lack of. When we were enjoying the 5 minute heatwave, decided to go to the beach. Only they had decided to ‘repair and rejuvenate’ it. In the height of summer. Pure Genius.

9. The one-way system in Lancaster and Morecambe. Which means it can take an hour and a half to travel 5 miles. So glad I moved from London to escape the congestion.

10. Banks and financial institution. Who punish you once, twice, and then for the next seven years just because they can, they feel this gives you the right to be trated like a child- no cards, no cheque book…..gRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

11. Margaret Thatcher…..(she’s always on my hate list. Her and net curtains. She hasn’t done anything this year, but it’s traditional.)


5 Responses to “Tagged tagged tagged. Top 10 annoyances of 2006”

  1. I’m with you on number 11. What a fantastic list! x

  2. 1,3 & 11 – well what more could I add? Nothing to 1 – I agree in it’s entirity, 3 – power-hungry bigotted nutters! 11 for complete and utterly f*****g up my early years after leaving school!

  3. You forgot to tag someone else, Khlari! Sounds like Silent might be up for the game? 🙂 x

  4. Just dropping by to wish you and yours all the best at Yuletide and a truly magical new year.

  5. Thanks everyone for your Christmas and Yuletide Greetings!

    Silent, that’s why she’s on my list! She blighted my teenage and post-grad years, not to mention putting a damper on my student ones!

    I’m going to go tag Silent now!

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