The Secret Blog of ______, aged 39 3/4

Now this is a novel idea…someone has a blog to which they have limited the access…. forgive me, but I guess that this is, what in pre-tech times, used to be called a diary….

Or just very sad. More later……..


3 Responses to “The Secret Blog of ______, aged 39 3/4”

  1. Oh, I hate cliffhangers. What happens next? Does the wicked witch of Hackney get out her wand and cause insufferable agonies to the holy? x

  2. Pathetic – All because that individual finally got a comment – Pity it wasnt one that he wanted – Still can’t take criticism – far too damaging to the ego

    Anyway – You’ve been tagged to do your list of Top 10 Personal Annoyances of 2006 – What did you expect – it was always going to be you or Willow

  3. Yeah but anyone who starts a blog on Microsoft Live Spaces clearly knows nothing about what’s hot, what’s not and what’s to be avoided at all costs. Come on, this is the person who prefers IE to Firefox and claims to be a technology guru but can break a computer faster than it takes us to fry up two eggs. It’s no surprise he breaks netiquette in deleting a comment that cuts through his lies. He’s never gonna be honest. Never. Or contrite. Or anything other than the egotistical, violent misogynistic nutjob he is.

    I mean, are we ever going to see the post about his going to the penis extension clinic and getting told, “We’re sorry, Sir. There’s just too little to work with.” x

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