Bittersweet Swansong at the Morecambe Hotel

Yes, I know it’s taken me time to write this one…….

Last Saturday we all bade farewell to the Morecambe Hotel for what was to be the last time. It was a bittersweet evening, happy amongst friends, but also filled with a type of fin de siecle sadness for what was essentially the end of an era….

Sadder still, this has all come upon Dam and Woo through no fault of their own, although certain malicious and ill-informed tongues apparently believe otherwise, but simply because the brewery that they have the tenancy with have refused to repair the roof, and without that it is difficult to make into a viable financial concern….or to live there without endangering their health.

Since I moved up from London in July 2005, The Morecambe has been the centre of my social life, and it is where I met all the people in Morecambe that I am now lucky enough to count as friends, Woo and Dam, AD and her OH, Willow, Silent and many others……

If AD and I had not by chance mentioned on the Vintage Gothic webgroup about my move to Lancaster, and AD had not suggested that we meet up in person and suggested the Morecambe….I would never have met anyone….and these were all the people that have saved my sanity over the last few months, the people who make me laugh when I need it most, my extended urban family……..

If I’d never been to the Morecambe, I would never have met the lovely Mr A, and wouldn’t be as happy as I now am, I would still be trapped in a controlling relationship and alone miles from home rather than in a loving relationship surrounded by loving friends……..

The Morecambe has been the centre of my social life in all it’s surreal and arcane glory……if someone wrote a novel about it, no-one would believe it (I hope!)

Saturday certainly lived up to the full promise of the stickers….’I survived the Morecambe Hotel’s last night’ was definitely apt for the occasion……Some of us had been helping Dam and Woo wash polish and shift most of the day before bobbing home to don our PVC gladrags for the last performance.

The Old Rosie and JD were flowing freely as we made one last attempt to drink the pub dry. (We did succeed on both counts). The place was packed out, the mood festive yet tinged with a little melancholy around the edges.

Kev’s Karaoke was up and running with some virtuoso performances including Spicy Cauldron’s top rendition of ‘It’s a Sin’, the Morecambettes’ (AD, Willow, D and yours truly) alternative version of ‘Leader of the pack’, Mr A’s ground-shaking ‘Minnie the Moocher’, some truly awful Lene Lovich and Hazel O’Connor courtesy of me, as well as notable contributions by Helen, Geordie, Steb, Nick,, Silent ,Jeff and many others…………with a time-honoured Time Warp of course…even the baby gothlings made us proud…..

Down the middle of the bar there ran a long table surrounded by erstwhile Sanctuary and Brigantii Moot members and camp-followers, which was the noisiest, most riotous, and above all most badly behaved of the night! A smacked bottom goes out to Norm for some very interesting truffles which ensured I was a lot the worse for wear by the end of the evening…….

Some very interesting outfits were also in evidence, PVC, corsets and even Mels ‘vampire thingy’ made an appearance……. I was introduced to the sticker game, and got and gave some in very interesting places…….before bowing out drunkenly at god knows what time in the morning…..

I’m going to miss the Morecambe, it was a place of light, love and laughter, but what it has given to me cannot be taken away. True friends, a circle of happiness and some memories that will last forever.

(Silent’s photo says it all really.)


5 Responses to “Bittersweet Swansong at the Morecambe Hotel”

  1. A truly fabulous night was had by all … and Silent’s photo does say it all really … where else are you going to find skulls on a bar????

    We must and will keep meeting … y’all are my chosen family!

  2. And you ours honey! See you at Yule xxx

  3. See you both then! I can’t wait………….

    But on the subject of The Morecambe – what a sad yet very happy occasion.

    We loved you like a family member.


  4. Very nice write-up. Surprised you mentioned my rendition of ‘It’s a Sin’, only because I was tiddly by then and thought my Teen Angel doing ‘Beauty School Dropout’ went down very well indeed. I remember the crowd doing backing vocals… La. Lalala. Lalalalalalalalala. Beauty School Dropout… No graduation day for you…. x

  5. Oh goddess I’d forgotten about that – That was funny as was the look on your face Mr SC when Dam was singing “Sweet Transvestite” – D and I couldn’t stop laughing

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