Vote Spicy Cauldron !!!! Weblog awards- time is running out….

Plug plug plug plug……

Time is nearly up to vote, so if you haven’t already voted many times for Spicy Cauldron in the 2006 Weblog Awards go and do so now and multiply so!


6 Responses to “Vote Spicy Cauldron !!!! Weblog awards- time is running out….”

  1. Another pretty cauldron – I’m doing the best I can!! – I’ve done 3 votes today

  2. chaotickitty Says:

    I’m voting as often as I can! I just hope its enough.

  3. I’ve managed 3 today again……

  4. Another beautiful cauldron. Where are you grabbing these from? Cauldron Pics R Us? Lovely!

    Thanks everyone. I think the real winners will be the ones with less votes. I’m currently number 8 I think, with less than a day of voting left and the experience considerably soured by the widespread vote-rigging going on, and the nastiness of some of the exchanges in the forums. The Spicy Awards in the Summer were so much more fun! They’ll be back next year for sure.

    Every honest and determined vote is a real blessing in what it signifies. Thanks again! x

  5. And again……

  6. The cauldrons are from hours of google imagesearch when bored at work…..

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