Shameless, nay blatant plug for Mr Spicy Cauldron

Mr Spicy Cauldron, aka Andy, real and cyber buddy has won through to the last 10 finalists in the 2006 Weblog Awards. Many of you will know Andy, and the contents of his brilliant blog, so I urge you to VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!!

Just in case you’ve forgotten…

The Spicy Cauldron


8 Responses to “Shameless, nay blatant plug for Mr Spicy Cauldron”

  1. That’s a really cool cauldron. And thank you! People do need to vote every day. So far, I’m kind of in the middle running… x

  2. Vote for Spicy Cauldron … you know you want to :oD

  3. I have honey…three times already today in fact!!!!

  4. snaggle snaffle sniggle … was planning to vote three times a day while at school on classroom computers at lunch time … either kids on or no internet so far this week … not allowed to kick kids off at lunch time so went to staff room to use computer I’d heard was there … spent 20 mins of a far too short lunchbreak trying to log on, went to computer people but no luck … found out today that no-one can log onto that one as a problem which will be sorted ‘shortly’!

  5. I know you’ve been able to vote since, and it’s appreciated! xx

  6. I even tried voting on someone else’s login at work but we share the same port…and it thought it was me….

  7. I know it’s over but I was all eager for school on Friday … first lesson in tech room with about 20 computers and a class of 4 children. Surely the kid would behave long enough and being end of term teacher would let me nip on each computer for a few minutes … none of them would let me onto the site to vote … sulk sulk

  8. Yeah, but the organisers have been stupid. They’re saying that multiple IP address votes will be removed – but lots of computers are on the same network, in schools, universities, workplaces. And fakers can fake IP addresses, as many as they like. But thank you so much, everyone, for your votes. I appreciated them! xx

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